Vivek Kapadia Tumblr Is Killing The Space For Rivals July 7, 2016

Social Media has become the driving force for marketers today to get the must required eyeballs for their products. Be it a multinational company who is launching its flagship product or a start-up who may want to test the waters and get a push to the next level.

Visual marketing through social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr makes much more impact than usual traditional advertising options.

Of the three mentioned, Tumblr has been rising in terms of the number of users growing is the fastest, the unique users it gets on the platform but when it comes to revenues, the Yahoo company is struggling big time in generating funds. So much so that, Yahoo in their 10K report, a financial report that Yahoo puts out every year that tells how each of its assets is functioning financially, had to write off most of its goodwill money that the company spends to buy the platform.

Even though Tumblr is one of the exciting social media platforms and allows different post formats which include text posts, chat posts, quote posts, audio posts, photo posts and video posts — so one is not limited as to what kind of content one wants to share, most of the negatives for Tumblr come from the fact that up till now, it was considered as a difficult platform to do business on the basis of user experience, engagement and database.


Tumblr falling revenues have made Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer stand up and introduce new measures to pump in revenues into Tumblr. The company is said to be in talks with Facebook to introduce, Menlo Park headquartered social media giant’s Audience Network platform which will allow Facebook to show its ads on Tumblr without the advertiser having to create a special Tumblr post. This will ease up the way advertisers view the social media platform and fuel a new interest in it.


Since Tumblr offers long lasting content, where people who like the post may reblog them and share them, as long as this chain is not broken the content will be on the top posts on the platform. Search tags also provide lasting longevity as posts resurface indefinitely. This helps the content to get viral quickly through a pool of users which is like a big tight-knit community made of smaller sub-communities.

Tumblr is popular among the millennials who have incorporated the social media platform into their daily lives. Because of its UI, the content it serves and like-minded users, the platform tends to swerve towards the youth who create content geared towards a like-minded audience. Tumblr’s design allows users to follow these new influencers and continue sharing the content that they create.

With access to an abundant number of graphics, brands can keep customers engaged, create brand loyalty, and attract new fans as content is shared across social media channels and platforms. Tumblr’s #NYFWM (New York Fashion Week: Men’s) bloggers maximized the value of content by sharing high quality graphics that brought the event to life and will continue to be reblogged and shared for many fashion seasons to come.

Tumblr currently hosts more than 200 million blogs, and the majority of these blogs are run by young people (half of Tumblr’s visitor base is under age 25). But this means that businesses that don’t cater to young people’s interests or aren’t relatable to young people in some way are not poised for success on the network.

The old adage, a picture is worth a thousand words, continues to be relevant in today’s world of digital marketing, so a successful marketing campaign is possible if one uses Tumblr hitting the right audience in the right way.

Tumblr, providing a well designed space having lots of features to tech-savvy audiences and killing the space for its rivals.

Hello, WordPress and the chain begins!


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