I can’t help but wonder what it is that he wanted to say to me. Was it “goodbye”? Did he know the end was near? How could he possibly know? He had just come back from the hospital, after recovering, right? Or did he have a secret he wanted to share with me? Something only I was supposed to know. Something for which he battled his fatigue and pain. Now no one would know. He took the secret to his grave.

He loved me dearly; he’s probably forgiven me long ago. I wonder when I’ll be able to do the same.

If something goes wrong, someone has to take the blame. That is how the world works (or has worked until now). However, liability is going to be a major challenge with driverless cars. Someone will have to take the blame. It can’t be the car company unless it was a faulty car, it can’t be the driver (there isn’t one) and it certainly can’t be the coders at Google.

Just when the landline rang, she was surprised. “Who calls on telephones these days, when we have mobile phones”, she thought to herself.

…I want you to be with me in that life. Er.. I know you have apprehensions against me and my stillness. But I have called you today to know whether you would want to live such a life with me?

Robots cannot think, imagine and ideate, we know that. Humans think. Humans imagine. Humans ideate. It is the vision and intelligence of the humans that brought AI into existence.

She read each and every line written, quietly remarking “You have a dreadful handwriting” but in her heart, she was elated. No longer would she complain of not receiving a love letter! All his sins were pardoned that moment.

Heart has its own reasons, that the logic won’t ever know.