Experience Design plays a significant role in advertising, and we totally believe in that. Our design reflects that approach that makes advertisements count as much as content.

Experiment. Engage. Experience.

Advertising has to be classy, that it has to be engaging. That has to have an interaction with consumers. That has to mark an impression of visibility. That advertising needs a defining model. That, how you see it is what will count at the end of the day. And how you do it. We will do it.

& Properties.

Creative assets like TNT ShortTales, are to add value to brand associations. Every step is properly strategised eyeing the future of content and digital media.

Newsletters will help adding more value and engagement to adverts, through different approaches. Sponsoring the newsletter is another stream.

We are a millennials’ oriented platform, believe you me, the future belongs to them. And we’re only busy reading their minds, trust, since our inception!

Numbers are only growing. Presence is only evolving. Various defined spaces on different pages providing with a considerate presence in different arenas having different set of stories under different genres.

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