Vani Verma Love And Longing October 17, 2015

Pink Floyd was playing in that dim-lit room. She had acquired a new taste in music – psychedelic rock. The bed room was filled with the smell of musk and that of old books. Vrinda was savoring the moment and thinking about her post-graduation classes the next day. Just when the land line rang, she was surprised “Who calls on telephones these days, when we have mobile phones”, she thought to herself.

It was Shyam, he was calling from the hills. Vrinda knew that his new job had taken him to a remote place in Himachal Pradesh, and she knew that his life would be serene. Vrinda and her fluctuating mood distressed Shyam a lot. She always displayed her wavering thoughts unapologetically to him. One such thought was to discontinue the relationship and carry on with their respective lives.

Dark of the gentle night
Kisses you a wish
And you slip into sleep
to enter the dream land

The fairy land with silver of moon
dancing angels, tiny toons.
The fairy lady, oh so pretty
holds her wand and smiles at you.

Hearing Shyam after so long brought a smile on her face. She was very happy to receive his call so suddenly that night.

“How are you Vrinda?”

“I am doing fine Shyama, your call surprised me!”

“Yea, I just felt like calling you today, not that I don’t feel like calling you otherwise, but today was special!”

“How is life at the new place?

“Oh! Some days are good, others get very lonely. I have still to discover some friends here.”

“I can understand, Leave the job and come back for further studies, no?”

“I am preparing Vrinda, I want to make it big, like really big!”

“You will Shyama, I am sure you will. You have all the qualities. But don’t waste your time in this job”

“Anyway leave that! I had told you about my new landlord and his beautiful wife?”

“Yes you had, what happened, did they dupe you?”

“Haha, come on Vrinda, You Delhiites have to doubt everyone!”

“So what is it about them?”

“I was invited to a dinner at their place, they have an adorable daughter.”

“That’s sweet, you always attract kids, I am sure she must have made friends with you.”

“Absolutely, she just didn’t leave me, talked to me about her school, friends, mom and dad. Life here is so simple Vrinda.”

“That it must be Shyam, we are running in our lives. People at smaller cities are leading a healthier life, in every way. Their thoughts are healthy and so are their bodies.”

“Vrinda, I was wondering today, if I would want to lead a life like that myself. And after measuring everything, I feel yes I would. But there is one problem.”

“Tell me Shyama, what is the problem?”

“…I want you to be with me in that life. Er.. I know you have apprehensions against me and my stillness. But I have called you today to know whether you would want to live such a life with me?”

Vrinda froze! Shyam’s honesty and simplicity had sliced her false notions of a good and happening life. She stood still there with a sinking heart and tears swelling in her eyes.

Back to reality-
your dreams are blocking.
Love is a curse,
they keep reminding.

You hug the sun,
walk the green bay
Play your part
And call it a day.

“Shyama, I think you should go back and sleep. We will talk about this some other time.”

“Why have you turned so cold Vrinda? Why don’t you love me anymore?”

“Shyama, I don’t have an answer to it. I am also looking for answers, for the explanations!”

She kept down the receiver hurriedly. With the loud music, she dared to wail in pain that night. She too was longing for the warmth of her Shyama. But something was stopping her. Her uncertainties and a whimsical mind became her foes.

In your bed again
you embrace your dark heart,
just as you might.
In the darkness of
that very gentle night.


(This story is in continuation of the previous story titled as Coy Shyama.)

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She calls herself the laid back observer. A tech writer by profession, creating short love stories became her choice. Vani loves eating food and experiments a lot across cuisines; she is an enthusiastic reader and picks random authors. She is a believer but never could be a follower.

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