Ayush Garg Has Social Media Become A Victim Of Exaggeration Of Opinions, Illogical Mindsets And Personal Agendas? April 26, 2016 http://www.nakedtruth.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Social-Media-Victim.jpg

To fool was easy, to fool aptly was tough, social media has come too far.

With no doubt, Social Media is one most countable platform where everyone wants to define their own existence in their own way, some do it right and few are still finding its roots. While many have created their different identities and then, there are many metaphorical faces.

With no time, Social Media has become a fad and everyone started making their own presence count, take it from Facebook to Twitter, Tumblr to Instagram, LinkedIn to Quora, etc. Every social media platform was created for a particular use but with time, the creation lost its way for its users and it has become more like a ‘My Choice’ script than the way it should be taken.

It is common to all that every set has a subset, but here people started defining that subset is not crucial, set is much important but they forgot that if subsets are none, set has no existence. You will be labeled as an Empty Set and know what, empty set has no existence in real except in a mathematics chapter. Would you like to be called an empty set? Set is the head, subset is the sense. Head without sense is a factor of emptiness!

People like to smile in a virtual world which isn’t wrong but laughing on shaming one is brutally wrong. Did you just imagine a smile turning to a devil’s laughter? I did, and I disliked it. Trolling on social media platforms is just way too mainstream, people do it to get few favorites, retweets, likes and raise their following. Breaking for a moment, raising followers by bashing one whom you don’t like, how prompt is it?

Trolling supposed to be a part of humor, but bashing has never been and will never be. Humor has come too far within no time, didn’t we realize it earlier? Yes, we did, but we didn’t bother but when one celebrity like Virat Kohli called it a Shame, people then tried to put their nerves low for a short span of time.

Guys who earlier joked about Anushka, they then joked about Kohli. They earlier trolled Anushka-Virat’s relationship factor developing a relation with the Kohli’s performance, later little did they do is trolling the term ‘Shame’. Is social media suppose to be like this? The answer is big no, then where are we losing the key note and more importantly, why?

Social Media has made us watch different sides of people’s mindsets through different platforms. Twitter is now better known to troll someone and make it reach higher on trends so that everybody knows that you’re a champion. People started following the same guidelines on Facebook and if you are able to get massive shares, you’re on the go, boy, and if not, don’t you worry child, promotion is the key to success, that’s how many media websites do these days. People are still learning to chat on LinkedIn, and say a ‘hi’ to do friend-ship and relation-hit. Take a lesson!

It has been enormous times that media websites have used social media platforms to promote their personal bias-agendas and people eventually got misguided. The other way, content has been curated with the error of justification presented in a click-bait manner but spoiling one’s image completely, then people start ranting about the same and spoiler gets an alert.


How often have you faced such stories? How often people get misguided? Why have emotions become a product to sell? Why is there a showbiz on humanity? Why are pseudo-powers putting their hands high? Who will take a responsibility for beating out the shit away? Is fooling around the key to success?
In fact, people seem disturbed to spot where to think, believe and act, and where not to!


There is a cry for fame, and cry for every other thing virtually. This sounds like a disorder for the internet community. Nobody has ever gone through the phase of countless judgments in reality than this social media did to them. It’s high time to rest the power of concealing your judgments in the name of opinions!

On a different note, it’s a realization to the fact that humanity sells better on the social media than it can be seen working in the real state. This is a different kind of world and it has become an absolute victim of absolute shame. Mankind has created this world and the sufferer is the same mankind.

Are we going to make it a syndrome? The answer demands the change!



I read. I write. A threat to humor, if one liners could kill. Twitter: @ayushxgarg

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