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When was the last time you appreciated your woman in front of your family and friends? Or have you been demeaning her all this while? She has been soaking up the good and the bad without a second thought about her needs and necessities.

Upon delivery when you were gushing about the beauty of your newborn, did you once look at your wife and held her or even thanked her? She was lying on the bed, distraught, worn out from the arduous drill of pushing out a human from her body.

When your girlfriend came back from a holiday, did you tell her that the tanning and sunbathing has added more charm to personality? When you met your fiancée for the first time after the engagement did you try making her comfortable, did you hold her hand and kiss her knuckles? Did you ever?

Did you ever stop by to appreciate her beauty? Have you been paying attention to her at all? If not, then it is high time you gave back the love she has been showering on you all this while.

She may be your wife, your fiancée or your girlfriend, but she needs to be told that she is loved. She needs to be loved for the way she is and for what she is.

If she thinks that certain things about her seem abnormal or eccentric then acknowledge those aspects for those are the things, the peculiarity, which makes her, her. You may have put her at unease when you told her that her teeth aren’t set as per the standards or her hair is one shade lighter. Correct those mistakes right away.

Remember how she fretted about you all day when you had lost your mobile or when she stayed up all night taking care of you just like a mother would for her child? Embrace her flaws. Her imperfections make her perfect.

Remember those times when she would bunk her lectures to meet you in the nearest garden or college canteen? Remember those times when in the pouring rains you shared the same umbrella, holding her by her shoulder, getting half soaked in rain and half soaked in love? Remember?

You would tell her you loved her, perhaps a thousand times in a day then, do you do so now? When was the last time you really meant the words, “I Love You”?

She is so full of emotions, have you paid any heed to that? She is so full of emotions for you and your family that at times she needs your kind words to help her build a happy life with you, for you. She is so full of emotions that she understands that you need to be in office for an urgent meeting when you cancelled out on the dinner date that you had fixed after about two weeks.

It has been long that she hasn’t seen you. Seen you properly, the real you. Just stop. Take a pause and let her see you, let her feel you.

It really doesn’t take a lot out of you to tell her that she is perfect the way she is. Sit her down and tell her. Cherish the old school romance you both had. Over time it is lost, don’t you think? Go out on a date or a movie together. Let everything else be. Let this be between the two of you. Learn to relive holding her hand. She wants this. She needs this.

Ask her about her day, about herself. Make her smile, make her laugh. Don’t berate her because she has turned pudgy post-partum or for the fact, that she eats too much. Understand. Understand her, she needs to feed your child, she eats too less. Don’t grudge her for the time she spends shopping or with her gang of girls, she does so because she doesn’t want to feel lonely without you. Or maybe it’s just that what makes her feel happy when you are not around. Think the other way round!

Have you forgotten that she can cry, feel sorry or feel humiliated? Be her shoulder, the shoulder she could cry on. Love isn’t just physical. It is much more than entangled flesh, dishevelled hair, tanginess of sex!

When she comes home late after a long and tiring day at the office, cook for her. Once in a while indulge her. Buy her handsome gifts, once in a while or perhaps a rose will do. Deal with the torment and the stress leaves. Wipe away her fears and clean up the mess from your lives. Make space for lost love and memories.

Add colours to the life you have begun together. Holding her hand, together, embark on a voyage discovering the mysteries of life – beautiful, bold, dark and solid. Share your success with her and back her to discover new achievements in her life.

A pat on the back, a warm hug, a peck on the cheek, an assurance of being together, a little romance, a childish giggle, a hearty laugh – is all that she will ever ask for. Let your love learn and grow. Let her bloom in your warmth.

You, be her sunshine and let her be your sunflower!

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