Shruti Nair How Content Marketing Has Transformed The Internet Space In The Recent Times March 9, 2017

You take what you put into content marketing, is what tells us how content marketing has coined the transformation on the internet for every brand. Be it your brand experts, social media marketers or designers, content marketing eventually relates to every designation assigned in a company to having the immense ROI.

The content was limited to just being a few words that described a particular service or product on the internet space but we have come a long way since then as services are not just limited to content curation anymore, but there are additional aspects to it. Content has ceased from being limited to just a service, to now becoming a product.

Various agencies and companies these days are monetizing on selling content; on the other side, innumerable brands look out for the content marketing campaigns through different channels to bring the engagement which is what matters and which is why I say that it has evolved over time.

The day is not too far when engagements brought through social media would be way far ahead than what brands doing on television, and it’s quite expensive too; social media channels are helping reduce the cost as well delivering the content to the targeted segments.

Content Writing

Earlier, content was all about penning words which suited a particular brand or service to make it look as connected as it could be. However, content is such an integral part of delivering the product or service that without content, it looks dull! Content has become a profession for many – content writers, content marketers, bloggers, vloggers, advertising professionals, etc.

At the end, content is what your audience is going to judge you by, so why not make it the best, right?

But the main aspect of content creation is to know how to market it well. For instance, If Buzzfeed only wrote about the debacle at the Oscars like various other online publications did, why would a reader be interested in it?

However, it’s the twist that the tale brings to the audience’s Point of View which matters leveraging to a decent engagement adding the value to the brand, and hence more and more reasons that led up to the confusion are being discussed by various publications. It is in the hands of the content creator to market the story well, right from scratch!

Earlier, most articles and content pieces were restricted to only summing up information and putting it out in the same way for the audience to see, however today, various other plots have been added to the strategy of making viral content and valuable content! Which is what ensures the user retention as well.

If you haven’t done some selling in your headline, you have wasted 80% of client’s money, quoted David Ogilvy, who is better known as the Father of Advertising.

Create the Content

While a good headline, the catchphrases, even the images will contribute to your content marketing success; there are certainly other points which you cannot ignore and are extremely useful:


Before I say it is essential to be updated on the Google Algorithms, let me tell you, SEO is dead. Yes, literally. Now, you have keywords in your article or not, it doesn’t count rather better to say it doesn’t matter. But you need to ensure your article is SEO driven apart from just satisfying the audience’s needs in order to rank higher on search engines which will further help in boosting the traction for your post.

Video Blogging.

Ever since YouTube emerged into the everyday lives of the masses, Videos have become an integral part of mostly every platform ranging from Facebook to Instagram. Zuck has recently clearly indicated the idea of putting the Video First. But what makes the audience click on the videos and watch the entire thing? Of course, it is the content that the videos tell in the form of a story! Make sure your video develops the engagement even if it has no sound. Think about it!

Content Promotion.

Digital platforms these days have come up with their own promotional strategies such as Influencer Marketing, Guest Blogging, etc, and we think this can only do good for your content as it means reaching out to more and more people and not restricting your content to a few. Content can break geographical barriers digitally which is the way forward!

Content Advertising.

Following the above point, we also think that you should always invest in your content if you truly believe in it. Advertise your content through paid campaigns and amplify it further so that your audience gap only widens.

These are some content marketing tactics that most of us have adopted in order to stick with the digital trends but it is always necessary to analyse your brand or business, and curate and develop the content that resonates the brand image. Once viral, you know that you’re not stepping back anyway! And, that’s how content marketing has taken the digital space by storm.

(With inputs from Ayush Garg).

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