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We thrive on technology, and computers are an inherent part of our existence today. Most of us are unaware that the term multitasking has originally been picked from computer science literature; it is referred as the independent computing threads run at the same time. Thus, computers have transformed our lives to an unimaginable extent and we have subconsciously accepted it hijacking our lives.

Multitasking is an art but, can be stressful for a person who loves to focus on one task at a time, take it to its conclusive end and then go for the next task.

While companies all around the world aim to cut down labour and maximise productivity, employee engagement has become highly significant. When you can manage varied tasks, it’s easier for you to understand how each task affects the other. When you are transitioning between tasks, it unfolds the interconnection between them.

Thus, the full picture becomes visible and the importance of each task through this macro view gets revealed. When two people are involved in these tasks, one person might finish his bit and might not be concerned with how his work affects the other person’s work. When the other person takes over the next tasks and explains what the output should be, he or she wouldn’t worry. But, when one person does these tasks, he/she would give the right output.

Another thing that I have observed about multitasking is that it keeps you on your toes. You have to be alert while switching from one activity to another. Conclusively it makes you creative. When you switch from one task to another, you shift your attention and transition to another task. This gives you a break from the task at hand. You are refreshed and take the experience of the prior task and shift to a new one. This brings in creativity across the spectrum of tasks that you undertake.


You also maximise your potential and challenge to come out of the comfort zone. You are great at the present job but, would want to try doing something new. While challenging yourself and taking up different tasks you are learning continuously. These are the kind of employees that organisations aim to hire.

Willingness to mould yourself according to the needs of the organisation without resisting to learn, will always keep you ‘in demand’. ‘Nothing is impossible’, that is the attitude that employers look for; the ability to accept challenges, not resist change and learn continuously. No doubt training is an inherent part of any organisation today.

When employees possess these qualities, job insecurity is reduced as well. It can help you achieve the desired job as well while productivity increases and growth prospects become better. You get a holistic view of the business of the organisation you work for. It gives an understanding of where you fit in and how you are contributing to the business.


Organisations are optimising their workforce. It is easier to train an existing employee for a new task as he knows many aspects of the company and has performed various tasks during a time. Many responsibilities can be deployed to one person, and with responsibilities, come trust. It does create a workforce that is flexible and is well aware of the difference between efficiency and productivity as well as the organisation’s needs.

There are different sides that we need to look at while thinking of one end, that’s the beauty of ideation!

The best way to get maximum results from multitasking is being immersed in what you do at the moment, sticking to your schedule and if there are things that creep in between your schedule, gauge their importance. If your work at hand is the need of the hour, be blunt and put your foot down to tell your leader and teammates that your hands are full and you need time to perform another later. Proper planning before heading towards a task is equally important.

Many a time, you run out of deadlines, leaving yourself in a hell lot of confusion. Here’s the getaway plan for how someone can be still productive after missing out all the deadlines and ruining every planning.

In fact, multitasking gives clarity about your priorities and thoughts. Undoubtedly, it boosts creativity and you explore many aspects of your personality that otherwise wouldn’t have got unearthed. There are a couple of pitfalls to multitasking that I shall unravel in the future posts, but that has nothing to do with not turning to be one multitasker. Do leave your comments in the section below.

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