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The world is a much better-connected place in the recent times. With every passing year, we are leaping forward at the speed of the god. If a person today was to build a time machine and travel 10 years down the epoch, the world would seem alien to him, something he could never imagine. That is how fast we are advancing with the help of technology. And what comes along with this technological advancement is a change in the work culture and the means of doing business.

One of the latest buzzes is – virtual collaboration. For ages, an employee – the main resource for an organization – has been fettered. There are multiple restrictions levied on him and a million of other rules and codes of conduct enforced upon him. The ones who adhere to these customs – for following the limiting rules leading to killing one’s creativity are most likely to be rewarded at times. Having said that, we don’t mean to generalize this for every company or organization, but many a time, an employee has to go through all this to charter a promotion where the boss rules.

Virtual Collaboration

The best thing an organization can do for its employees is giving them space, mental space. And that can be best achieved by allowing them to work on-the-go at their own convenience. One can never think out of the box as long as one is stuck in the box.

And this is where virtual collaboration comes into the picture. It helps an employee unbox his life, move out of office chairs and cubicles, and still maintain a perfect sync with the team sitting on a different continent. Who knew the internet could do such wonders for the mankind! It has been enlightening and freeing of all barriers in the world of communication where staying connected is a tap away on one’s mobile phone. Voice calls, video chats, sharing presentations and appending them while screening it live to clients, have all become a child’s play.

Yet not many take the concept of free will working seriously. It is understandable for big conventional organizations to not shift to this mode of working swiftly; they are habituated to older ways and primitive office environments, but what about upcoming start-ups? Why do they hold themselves back from putting this disruptive mode of progress into action for their company? Probably, the reason is – not many tech enthusiasts are talking about this disruption.

Maybe virtual collaboration is sidelined by a number of other techie jargons. But organizations ought to know that communication is the crux of business and the sooner they get on this trendy-disruptive way of communicating, the sweeter would be the fruits.

Virtual Collaboration

Also, big organizations as well as aspiring smaller ones can learn a lot of things from bootstrapped start-ups which work on the limited budgets and getting things done through virtual collaborations. Point to note here is – the quality of work is not hampered by the absence of employees at the workplace.

In fact, this way of doing business increases efficiency and productivity to make the best out of every task while still providing the employee a peace of mind and absolute convenience (which further boosts their creativity and subsides their frustration). Adding to it, there’s a major shift of workforce towards work from home. Now, you need to know, why?

Many entrepreneurs might not agree with this idea but it is the time that business enthusiasts (and entrepreneurs) should pick it up seriously. They should know that a century ago, workplaces weren’t as lively as they are now, but no employee ever picked a job for a cool office space. Small cubicles and vapid walls would stare at employees all day long, no wonder if smoking and alcohol were permitted inside, so employees could cope with that tense environment.

As we have streamlined the office spaces with a transformation, hence, theoretically, we evidently are shifting towards the virtual collaboration.


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