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Branding. Branding is the key. Branding is the key to telling your user-base what your business is about. Branding is all about creating an image of what you head (read brand) having an approach it deserves, the way it should be and it has to be. Branding is the key which unlocks the impact that your business is going to make. Branding is the key which opens the doors to let have the disruption your way you have always thought of.

If this or that way something goes wrong with the factor of branding, either with its manipulation or execution, then pick a recent example, Snapdeal which tops the list these days where it is miserably failed when we put it under the Branding scrutinisation. Enlarging the picture in relation to the today’s scenario, what different it has done or it is doing, we are still not known. And the mere perception of users results into Snapdeal is doing nothing new and the conversion turns toward the diversion of users, even if it has everything right on its portal.

Branding is like the milk in a Starbucks coffee, we know the coffee sucks there at times but what takes us there is the experience. People don’t head to Starbucks for a coffee if it’s not their first time, but for the experience that it offers every single time. The image of Starbucks appears [immensely] fascinating in the minds of the people whenever someone asks to join them over there, even when the one knows coffee is not coffee at times, and let’s not discuss the food menu at all.

The question here is WHY? The answer is simple, Branding. Well, it does sound simple, but in reality, it’s not. Now, think of CCD to clear away the doubts, I won’t go to CCD for any of the aforementioned reasons, I will only choose CCD when there is no other cafe around or worse than CCD.


Back to the previous example of Snapdeal, why would I choose Snapdeal when I’m already using Flipkart and Amazon? I’m assured that Snapdeal isn’t the only “app” around, unlike in the case of CCD if that so happens, because here I only need a cell phone to tap the Google Play Store and get the required app installed, unlike in the case of CCD. Two different examples of businesses, and the user-base is inclined over conditions. Why?

Branding is the satisfaction that you like to wear, for that matter, let’s make it an easy deal, and recall the brands you choose to wear. For an instance, Louis Philippe and Peter England. Two brands from the same parent firm, but have their way a lot different when offering the same propositions. The way they show up, the same way you carry their image and the people who develop the connect with the one or the other, or maybe both, have them. Rest look for the other brands.

Branding takes up the heat to make the brand on your preference list, in your words and in your minds.

The businesses or say brands that use the effective ways [and go aggressive with it] to escalate their value propositions for making one eye look the other, and have a word on it help them generate the higher conversion rates, acquisition statistics and obviously, word-of-mouth. The best example in the recent times of Demonetisation is Paytm, did we hear Recharge nahi Freecharge karo anywhere? All that I managed to hear from many people is Paytm Karo. Now, let’s contradict!

Paytm is everywhere. Freecharge too. Means? Because of a really very smart reason, sounding downright stupid, that these both apps work on a mobile. So if one has a mobile, one can have either of them, or both. And with it, where the Freecharge exists, is still not known, least to say. Everyone is talking and preaching about Paytm; there are hoardings and posters everywhere; with the smart and speedy strategies by Paytm at the right time, it took over the market by the storm within hours. Media houses are publishing the statistics related to Paytm for the last 20 days, but nobody asked for any data of Freecharge. Nobody craved rather thought for it, unlike in the case of Paytm. Why? Now, you have your answer.

Paytm has become the strongest brand in a matter of time which has opened more doors for them and for their peers, more troubles. Paytm has become, undoubtedly, the brand of the moment for the very obvious reasons. Getting the user-base in a flawless way, users are exploring every minute what Paytm has more to offer, which also leads to the wave of word-of-mouth showing trust and proving authenticity.

In other words, it reflects the indirect endorsement of your brand where the brand has invested in determining its value. And that’s a treat for a brand and a solid reason to party. From every hook, the factor of branding starts evolving from the very first minute you start showing a glimpse of your business to a friend, even if it’s not broadcasted to public in any big way.


Branding is the pure love for any and every business. It not only adds the value to your business but it moves the users towards your brand. In this era of Startups where one dreams to have a unicorn, branding is the root which keeps you standstill [read giant] in this hustle-bustle space where every third day someone steps in doing the same and strives to stand out.

It’s all about how you stick to your position, represent and lead your brand. And how will you stick? The evolution of branding separates the brand from every fuss around while it keeps knocking the head of users with having the right perception of it. Branding is the key to disrupt, to create an impact and build the very important asset, Company.

Having said that, the user experience is the another key which helps in evolving the branding factor when many websites are only trying to ruin it. Know how? Well, if it is still puzzling you why not Starbucks for a coffee, please do comment, and we will see what we can do.


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