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There is a very major shift nowadays of working not from a corporate or government setup, but from HOME. Home is where the heart is, was earlier established. But now, home is where work also is, is happening and happening in a very big way. Along with, the second new mojo development in the world of working professionals is working not on a full-time basis, but as a freelancer or a consultant. Virtual collaborations are becoming the new norm. This is the second sizeable change which is occurring.

So, why is it so? First and foremost, if one works from where we live, we save a lot of time and energy travelling to and fro from our place of work knowing the fact the work culture isn’t too logical. Says Mr. R P Sehgal, a retired central services officer, “I strongly advocate this system of work. One saves plentiful time and one can still connect with other office members on Skype or the net.”

Second is that since we are in the comfort of our living zone, we may actually become a bit more productive. Also, disturbing elements, while we work, are not there – there are no colleagues to besiege us or inundate us queries or gossip.

For the fairer folk, work from home is a real blessing in disguise. They can carry on with what their traditional roles are – of looking after children, elderly people, their homes, and hearths, and work as well at the same time. Though anyone of us will certainly remark that “balancing both worlds, even while working from home is far easier said than done,” but still, if you are home, you can be around to take care of things like keeping an eye on the maid the whole day and so on. Also, you can flexi-time your work hours in such a way that you are present during milestone moments of the day like when children return from school or be around to supervise their lunch, firsthand.

Work From Home

However, not all jobs can be done from home. Air hostesses and pilots will have to come onto the aircraft, waiters will have to physically be present in restaurants, shopkeepers need to be around in their outlets and so on. But is plenty of work which can be done so.

Writers, artists, sculptors, dancers, singers, software development professionals, teachers who can get their students home, consultancy for various organisations, textile designers, block printers, tailors, weavers, fashion designers et al, can easily do their required bit from home. For some, a bit of a setup is needed, and voila! You are good to go from wherever you base yourselves. Many startups outsource the work and operate in the bootstrap mode, it not only helps them to look at the every side while heading towards the establishment but also provides the versatility and manageability in the work.

Now, one can safely say that work from home is a philosophy whose day in the sun has finally come. Lately, this method has gained a lot of respect from those who have actually witnessed its manifold advantages. Earlier on, there were some people who dismissed it off due to the lack of trust and genuinity since one cannot monitor the exact number of hours one is working, via this method. Also, since one is home, there is some time we devote to our other duties as well.

Thus, the work schedule cannot be put under thorough scrutiny at all times. Which, for some, is a far better proposition because it is now that work speaks for itself and not just the time you spend doing it. Even freelancing is becoming more the norm for this very reason – that it is not how long you take to do your work, but pure work which comes under the scanner and that is what the client pays for!


A writer by profession and more by choice. I feel strongly for all tasks in which either parent can work or stay at home basis of their kids to have their share of parental care. I am also a spoken English trainer for it is English language that makes my world tick.

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