Akshi Ranka Are We Scared To Follow A Non-Trending Career Path? October 1, 2016 https://www.nakedtruth.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Non-trending-career.jpg

Probably. A lot of young people are probably hesitant about taking the career path that is not amongst the trends.

Aren’t we all scared to follow something that is not a fair choice to the crowd and is scrutinized enough to find its place in the suppressed path? Most of the times, we all are. And, perhaps, that’s the reason why most of us don’t take the leap and instead make an easy entry into a field that is appreciated well enough by the people around us.

Considering the fact that for the entire globe, money is a magnet; careers that promise high revenue take the post of the most valued careers and hence the most trending career paths. Moreover, in the midst of all the materialism in the world, careers that are more about the fulfilling ones innermost need of accomplishment and euphoria have taken a side-step.

Also, with the ever growing regard of education and book knowledge in the country, youths who engage themselves with careers that are totally study oriented are easily revered and welcomed by the society. On the other hand, careers that sprout from one’s hobby or genuine interest and love for a subject are often considered as less intellectual. This is a general observation. By claiming the above, it’s not implied that biased careers exist everywhere.

However, we cannot ignore what is largely noticeable. Careers promising high income become the most reputable, and hence most recommended to students who then head for that suggested career without actually thinking about where they really want to head. Well, why aren’t they?

The answer is simple. The world is huge and ever-changing and constantly guiding us. And, sometimes, it pushes us to the flourishing career choices whether or not we hold interest in them. The opinions and suggestions by the people around us cloud our judgement and interfere with our own opinions and decisions. And, we conclude, it’s easier to go along with the trend than become a recluse because of our unconventional career choice; whatsoever it may be.

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The aim of this article is not to demean the conventional, trending careers or to make you divert away from them if that’s what you really want to pursue. But, to make you question yourself if you’re headed in the right direction or if you are simply walking in a herd within a strict pattern. And, if so then why aren’t you straying?

Probably, in the process of answering the question, you might eventually come to terms with the fact that every individual has a different intellectual level, different interests, different ideologies and hence, different career interests. Therefore, regardless of what the people around you expect from you, the ultimate career decision is yours.

Because, it’s you who have to pass the years and reach the peak. Now, what that peak should be is your call of choice. There is no need to simply follow a path because everyone else does or maybe because everyone thinks you should. Explore for yourself. Find for yourself and take the plunge. You’ll probably fall hard but you’ll reach there if it’s your choice of career!


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