Shruti Nair The Choice Is Mine: Living The Grey Life October 3, 2015

Deepika Padukone in her recent video for Vogue, clearly stated…

“My Life, My Choice” and I thought, Why not deliberate a little on this topic and analyze if I’m enjoying living the “Choices” in my Life or Do I want to run away from them?

A football court has two goalposts, whether you hit a goal or you play an own goal, is your choice.

You’ve two nostrils, whether you breathe in or out; via one or both is your choice.

When you’ve two roads ahead leading to your destination, which one you choose is absolutely upon your discretion.

But you’ve two lungs, eyes, ears but, it’s NOT your choice whether to use them or not. Have you wondered Why?

You’ve a choice to make in everything around you. But, within you, you have not been handled that choice. Simply because; it is a necessity. When one is given the power to choose; it is taken for granted that one’s intelligence and experience will play the assistants in making the choice yet the one ends up taking the wrong decision because there is something like the “Heart” which overpowers the “Mind.”

Things around you; are affected by your presence. It is because of your existence that your environment works as per your likes or dislikes. There is a scientific and psychological chord to maintain every second with every occurrence around you, and that is also an intention why various judgements you make; are placed right in your hands.

Whereas; within you, the functioning is completely different. Your existence is based upon your inner being, and to keep that in the correct form, you are not dispensed with the joy of making choices. ‘Cause even the creator knows the mess you can create in the cosmos with that level of freedom of choice!

Priorities and Choices are extreme parallels; that help sorts your life out. Both of them work in cycles maintaining a safe distance!

If you have your priorities marked straight, choices are easier for you to make. Whereas when you have your choices made, setting priorities becomes a cakewalk for you. Alternatives are a way of escaping possibilities; of avoiding them, turning your back or starting the blame game.

What if you had no choices; it was as clear as Black or White. You had no shade of grey that you call your “choice” to delve in. Would life be easier if everything were either a Yes or No? Or, would it have had caused more tension, because it would only be either a Yes or No?

You decide and let us know!

Life is a mere parody in itself,
throwing questions on our faces..
And mocking at us.
As if some humorous curse!

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