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Be happy with your lot of what life has thrown at you even if you have anxiety. Well, obviously not happy as in ‘happy’ but happy as in ‘relax’.

This sounds repetitive but still, we’re in living in the Age of Anxiety. We truly are, there’s no denying that. People are now more looking into alleviating it, getting rid of it.

Some still hide it, some don’t. Some get away with it, some don’t. Some talk about anxiety, some don’t. Some take anxiety as a problem, some don’t. Some grow with anxiety, some don’t. Some heal it, some don’t.

Some are still unaware of it. Some still have no idea about what anxiety is. Some are still looking for the meaning of it. And some have given up on it.

There are always ‘some’, a few there, a few here. We too belong to a former some or latter some. Everyone belongs in “some” way or any other way.

This is because, anxiety, for the record, is a very common condition. It is presently affecting [at around] a good forty million adults in the United States alone. But you need to chill and stay relaxed.

The next reason why you should just chill and be relaxed if you have anxiety is because anxiety disorders come in the bracket of ‘highly treatable’. Think it this way, there is no major reason to get all worried or hapless if you have anxiety. However, what you should do is take stock of your life conditions, and that too lock, stock, and barrel.

Ask yourself the questions about your life which you should. After all, as some wise men say, you are your own best friend. No one else knows you the way you yourself do. And, always remember that the best form of help is self-help. The hand you find at the end or your own arm is the one which can guide you the best!

Anxiety is something which everyone has a take on. We all know about it. We all have someone or the other who has anxiety. It could be you yourself. It could be someone at work. It could be a sibling. A parent. A friend. Anyone. The message to be spread around is that anxiety is rooted in a cause.

If we straight get on to figure anxiety issues, we somehow end up on a note, anxiety is never really a thing, the way it has been made us hear. In that loud tone that puts us down and troubles every now and then. Anxiety is easy. Don’t trust me, read on.

Anxiety has a story behind it. Everyone has a different story about anxiety; about why it has happened to them. The good part is that this story is not abstract. It is real. It is viable. And, the best news about this whole deal is that you have the power to change it.

The way to getting better and out of this mess is by finding the cause, going into the reason behind it, looking for its answer, and finally implementing it. Medication works. But medication will not eradicate the reason for anxiety. It will merely sidestep its math and cure the hormonal imbalance in your system. Answering some hard-hitting questions will cure anxiety. Go into the unfathomable spaces and realms inside your existence for this one really essential exercise. Tap into them, coordinate, and sync up with them.

Many things along the way to getting rid of it are going to be painful. But you have to do this. Take them off your list. You deserve the best. Not those who are causing harm to you or to your system. Then ask yourself, why you do this? And why you do that? Every this and that, that you have, you tackle with, you grow with, counts. And that does not draw you back into any muck, any mess.

Every moment lived is important. It is yours. It is yours to do something positive with. Which is productive in whichever way. Even if it turns a smile on your face for a second. It counts. Not just to earn the monies which keep the home fires burning but the energy and the vibe to make you a happy and better person. Your time and space need that something which truly fulfills you. Not just something which takes up your efforts but gives you back to your work and your life.

Your days should not be crammed with just pile load of work. They should have an element of relaxation. The time when you enjoy the monies you have earned. Adjust with its folds.

Anxiety is never the same and is really different from the ‘anxiety’ that we pass on to every day.

For discovering the reason for your anxiety, you need to have a dialogue. With yourself. You just have to weed out the ills which are plaguing you. Anything negative has to be culled away from your life and your times. Declutter, de-stress, unwind. You just have to wake up to the powerful potion which these words represent.

Don’t worry, be happy, is a jingle. Believe in it. Give yourself a chance at happiness and an anxiety-free life. But for this to happen, you have to work at it. Breathe. Give yourself the space to live, to be tension-free. Give a domain to yourself. You, more than anyone else, deserve it. Surround yourself with non-toxic, positive relationships. Connect with yourself. Discover what you truly yearn for it. Go after it. Make a bucket list. Tick off the numbers in this list by actually doing them.

Most of the answers to the question why you are anxious lie within you. Not with a shrink. Shut away the loud and ugly noises which rear their heads in your mind. Rather find the source which gets them into your head in the first place. Placate them. Or trash them. You owe this to yourself. You have to find the karma for which you have been given birth into this world. Do not let it just die. Look for it. Find it.

It is important, that to be satisfied and content with your lot, you first have an attitude of gratitude. Look for all that you have. Not concentrate on what you do not. You may just realize that your fountain of happiness was next to you, staring at you in the face, and you had not even recognized it. You have tons of things which others do not. It could just be the plain truth. You had it with you all along but did not even know it was with you.

For instance, are you eating well? Can you do without those two teaspoons of white sugar in your tea? Can you get up at 6 AM in place of 9 AM when you feel down and out just when you get up since it is late in the day for most people? Can you just give good old yoga a chance to work for you by trying it out for just the next one week? Is clearing up your wardrobe off old clothes going to make it easier for you to dress up in less time each day? Will introducing a bowl of sprouts going to actually be that difficult? Simple things; simple answers to complicated problems.

Any of these things may just work for you, may just give you that extra power in your battery to come out of an anxious state of mind, body, and spirit.

At the end of the day, it is all within us. Our mind and our body. But for it to be recognized, you have to treat it as such. You have to believe in its power and in its underlying strength. You have to realize its potency; its ability to heal you. Trust, you will be able to channelize yourself sooner or later if you just sit down with yourself and come to certain conclusions.

Anxiety does have a real and a pulsating cause behind it. Medicines will give you relief, temporary or permanent, it might vary and depend. But the reason for anxiety has to be determined, and totally debilitated to have a meaningful life up ahead, and thankfully enough, it is possible. It is not something which does not have a cure because it does.

You can come out of it, in one piece, alive and kicking, and rearing to charge ahead with vibrant, full-throttled energy. And when you do, make it a point to share your story with those who are riddled with anxiety; maybe, just maybe, you can make a difference to their lives too.

Like stated above, there are always “some”, a few there, a few here. Which some do you belong to, is the next question you should be asking now. To yourself.

A writer by profession and more by choice. I feel strongly for all tasks in which either parent can work or stay at home basis of their kids to have their share of parental care. I am also a spoken English trainer for it is English language that makes my world tick.

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