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Where, pray, is my circle of light? Circle of light? What is this? This is the radiance which guides us. It is the illumination which never leaves us even in our darkest hour and tells us what to do next, in order to have a good life and to be good citizens on this planet earth.

Where do we find this circle of light? The simple answer to this question is that it exists within us. Inside of us; it is the soul food of our existence. The elixir of our life; it is the tiny voice which tells us what to do, what not to do. It is the resonance, the energy which makes or breaks the day for us. But what counts here is that we listen to it.

We sync in with it. We do not nullify its voice or sidestep its vibe. This is our ‘antar-atma’ (inner soul) as we say in Hindi. And it lies only and truly within our beings.

However, sometimes, its strength gets diluted because we do not realize its importance and the role it plays in our lives. It becomes jaded because we do not pay heed to it. This is where we go wrong. In place of trying to chime with it, we look outwards for guidance. For strength and for support; this music which is within us is not given the due attention it deserves. We, fools, begin looking for our music in people and in “they” and in “them”.

We’re told during our teenage and forever, do this, do that, which makes life. Life is this. Life is that. And the circle keeps on revolving around our head. If we do this, that happens, and if we do that, this happens.

So, who are these entities – the ‘theys’ in our lives? After all, who are ‘they’?

They whom you hear, you listen, you follow. They who tell you what’s right and what’s wrong. They who ‘try’ to carve a path for your journey of life. They who misguide you. They who belittle you. They who care about you. They who think bad for you and hope worst for you. They who wish best for you. They who stay with you. They who leave you in a moment. They who misuse you. They who break your trust. They who betray you. They who trust you. And there is no ending to “they”.

There are innumerable kinds of “they”. That counts is what kind of “they” you meet, and that matters is what you consider those “they” you meet. So what said, what accepted and what done by you, not by them, make you (and your life).

They could be our friends, our peers, our contemporaries, our relatives, our kith and our kin – anyone who we feel we should listen to in order to progress in our lives.

What if I tell you what all that “they” told you was a lie? Who decides what is bound to happen and what is very well possible? You. Your decisions. Your decision of picking what to listen and whom to listen.

Because they matter, only if you make them matter.

However, what we do not understand it is that all these ‘theys’ could very well be that tiny guiding torch inside of us. If we truly sit by ourselves, not be lonely but be alone and in solitude, we can sometimes actually hear this tiny voice which comes from the core of our being. Nonetheless, this little light or voice, whichever it may be, is not apparent if we do not try to tune in with it.

It will come, it will make itself heard or felt, provided you want it to. You have to create an aura for its true presence to be rendered. If you keep this search, this wish to have a source of power which guides you outside of you, it will spread out into the circle of people who have influence over you.

The ones who will soon begin to call the shots and pull the ropes around you; what you will have is their guiding light and their guiding light is one which works for them, and not for YOU. However, this is what you may not realize living in the fool’s paradise that if you choose to live in.

Realms and realms have been written on this one aspect – that I wish I knew that everything I ever wanted to know is within me. That it is the light inside of me which will truly help me to seek the eternal truth of my life. That my torchbearer should come from inside of me since it is that one entity which knows me the best. Which has lived with me since the time this life chose me, but no!

Many of us do not have the wisdom to let this dawn on us. We get swayed and are sashayed by what ‘they’ tell us. What ‘they’ say is right for us since we have not known our own selves well. Knowing the fact, we should rather have connect really well, but we haven’t had.

When does this realization hit us that we have heard the wrong voice? This happens when we encounter a failure and we find ‘they’ are laughing at us lock, stock and barrel. Because ‘they’ may never have intended for us to succeed; all that their own guiding light was telling us to do was for their betterment, not for ours.

We’re guided by masses, we look up to lives of masses. Of some, we admire, of some, we share, and of many, we hate. We hate because what they tell us today doesn’t work out tomorrow. We then regret, question them. Blame them. And try to blur them in whichever way possible.

This is how it works, is what ‘they’ also said.

We do not try to reason with ourselves. We do not listen to our own chords stringing their beat inside of us. These will never lie to you and me. Because they are a part of us; they are the universe which we had been looking for outside but actually exists inside of us.

This is the power which works in our favour and it is our gut instinct, our intuition and our sixth sense which know us the best.

But, as mentioned above, this positive force which is actually inside of us needs some fine-tuning. It needs to be nurtured for it to be able to tell us the universal truth which will work in our favour.

Thus, for this to happen, sing your fave childhood lullaby, like the one which the nuns in the convent sing – “this little guiding light of mine, I’m going to let it shine, this little guiding light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.”

Then see the true flavour of this torch which will never, ever mislead you but will help you find your KARMA, will fulfil your karmic cycle of things and events as they unfold right before your every eye.

You will find yourself making the right decisions and taking all the steps in the world which will fill your life with positivity, prosperity, prayer, eternal hope and peace. And the best of all, you will find YOURSELF, the one person who never should get lost in the jingles of the rigmarole of life as we know and understand it.

(With inputs from Ayush Garg).

A writer by profession and more by choice. I feel strongly for all tasks in which either parent can work or stay at home basis of their kids to have their share of parental care. I am also a spoken English trainer for it is English language that makes my world tick.

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