Vani Verma Letters to Friends – I October 24, 2017

Dearest ex-best friend,

We are often told and grow up believing that missing is reserved for long-lost lovers, or we bereave our lost family members. But it never did occur to me that I would mourn your absence.

We had once found each other in the useless banter exchanged in the corridors of our school, in the songs we exchanged and the quotes we put our hands together on. Whether it was discussing the latest Linkin Park song, who by the way lost the lead singer recently, and we didn’t even have a minute of silence together!

We don’t talk anymore, even avoid exchanging a glance. But why then it happens so, when your favorite song blares on the radio, I think of you with tears in my eyes.

When my mom talks about an old memory, all I can picture is the time spent with you, ferrying around aimlessly and trying to kill time together. Your absence has meant more to me than I had ever imagined it to.

Dearest ex-bestfriend

Those meaningless giggles on the abandoned streets, the aimless strolls at the deserted hours, walk to the momos point, the ‘era’ when chaat mattered more than the chat! Maybe because it all did make sense after all.

I miss our secrets shared, blatant truths thrown at each other, the scattered warm hugs, unabashed fights over stupid movies, and debating over the governments formed.

Then we lost each other. To whom, is still to be figured. We chose to walk in different directions and stay away. Maybe because, after all, it must not have mattered anymore.

Dearest ex-bestfriend

Struggles are on to shoo away the voices which remind me of the sweet-little-nothings we have had together. I am still finding my ways to deal with them.

Maybe it’s time for you to throw some advice at me. I need it the most right now. Tell me how to remain afar and start to live a life sans laughter and joys exchanged so heartily.

Truly Yours,

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She calls herself the laid back observer. A tech writer by profession, creating short love stories became her choice. Vani loves eating food and experiments a lot across cuisines; she is an enthusiastic reader and picks random authors. She is a believer but never could be a follower.

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