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Innovation in hardware on a smartphone has reached the point of saturation. Besides a few disruptive concepts, there is only room for upgradation in processing power, storage and battery longevity. Of course, it feels boring that we don’t have much to look forward to, but what we miss to notice is the spark coming from software and the marketing innovation segment.

With the majority of the world population having an access to smartphone, it has become a goldmine for brands and marketers. Smartphones have provided a much better connectivity to people than any of the other gadgets ever could. This connectivity renders social media and internet into something of a super bowl for advertisers.

There is a major shift in the process from other mediums to mobiles. Print, radio and television have faced heavy competition from smartphones as its share of the pie is increasing tenfold at every step. And this is how brands should be looking for their customers.

That being said, a regular mobile user can expect a lot of change on the interface front on his smartphone. The way data is displayed on a user’s screen will see enormous transformations. Presently, if you visit a popular website to access the content, you will find many “in your face” banner advertisements that probably are irritating, ugly pop-ups for subscriptions that are not required and auto-playing video promotions that are heavily invested into but do no good to the advertiser.

These are some elements of online advertising that are growing defunct. The new-age user looks for easy and clear access with no hindrance and complete freedom to surf a portal. Great navigation with speedy data download is what drives traffic to a website and marketers need to understand that neat user-experience-oriented websites are the future and it’s a need.

To developers, keeping the websites clean and yet generating income is a task. This brings us to the innovations in the mobile-first advertising world, which helps keep the content clean and advertising interesting. Research suggests that the future is video heavy i.e. a majority of information will be shared in video format and this makes integrating brands easy.

Brands are opting to associate with independent producers that produce web series than paying huge sums to sponsor blockbusters. Content integration is essential as it doesn’t simply promote a brand but instead highlights the need for the same. Something like Snapchat, makes for a great tool for advertisers to push their products.

A lot of innovation can be expected around independent applications that serve a purpose and in return, make money by letting small businesses or solo businessmen market themselves. Snapchat, Instagram and the likes have made this possible. Google and Facebook will play an even bigger role by merging analytics and statistics with real-time data generated by the number of users viewing an advertisement.

And from a futurist’s point of view, the smartphone sector would further play a very crucial role when virtual and augmented reality, higher connectivity and more internet bandwidth will be more relevant.

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