Rinky Marwaha Confidence Is Quite Underrated Which Is Softly Affecting Your Productivity March 17, 2017 https://www.nakedtruth.in/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Confidence.jpeg

“You have that in you.” “What is it that you cannot do!” “If you cannot do this job, no one can!”

Such sweet sounding and confidence building words, these. Aren’t they? They come from those who have invested time, love and effort in us. Those who care. Those who dare to show the world that they care. What shines through is the energy boost we get from such life force-giving statements. That someone is there for us.

Come rain or shine, these people will always be sounding out and rooting for our causes.

In any life event or work situation, it is this extra adrenalin that we need to really see our way through. They say that in a lot of cases, it is the attitude of the person that makes or breaks the day. It is the sheer confidence that people have in themselves which will help them seize the moment.

And confidence, my friend, say some wise folks, is contagious. It will not just energise the one who has it, but the entire atmosphere will get enlivened. It is the scene stealer which syncs in your pool of skills.

However, not always is confidence seen as a plus point, there is a thin line; very often, it is taken as a token of arrogance, a sign of being a pushover. What is not realised is that it is this very merit which will help us turn the tide when the odds are not in our favour.

If a person is already down and out, they will find it easier to give up pursuits than to analyse the problem and find its solution. On the flip side, if they are brimming with confidence, they will make an effort to ascertain why things failed, and get up again to give another shot at the given work!

Confidence, too, stems from something right you have done. If in the past, you have made a success of a foray, it will give you that inner zest. This will help you in your future tasks as well. No one is confident without having an issue to be confident about. Be it your work. Be it your ability to do maths well. Or it could be a life skill you have which others around you do not. It could be anything that gives you the magical surge you need for taking up a new assignment.

Some reason that too much of confidence can be an overkill. It is a party pooper. This is a trait which will make you underestimate others and overestimate your own self. And this is not really a good thing. What these well-meaning people should realise is that under-confidence is the real badass in any given scenario. If you yourself are not sure of what you wish to do, how will you convince others of project, your vision, your point of view?

When your team members and your co-workers are not sure of what you are up to, it can lead to your morale going downhill. This condition, if it worsens, is the biggest enemy of productivity. If someone is feeling the blues, the best one can do is give them something to cheer about themselves. This works like manna from heaven.

And see the fortunes change over from lacklustre and unsmiling to energetic and robust innings which empower the whole environment with its prosaic, joyful spirit.

Confidence is that one quality which lacks in many professionals when it should not. Ever wondered how does it affect? Here’s the thought.

A writer by profession and more by choice. I feel strongly for all tasks in which either parent can work or stay at home basis of their kids to have their share of parental care. I am also a spoken English trainer for it is English language that makes my world tick.

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