Sugandha Puri Why Should Toxic People Be Left Apart With An Immediate Effect? March 16, 2017

“People inspire you, or they drain you – pick them wisely.”
– Hans Hensen.

Each one of us has toxic people in our lives, sometimes the best way to deal with them is to let them go and it’s not an easy task. There are toxic people who might just be undermining you and betraying your trust resulting in unnecessary negative environment around you all the time.

Each one of us needs to understand that if someone is causing damage to our lives then they are toxic even if it is in your relation or your psycho boss. Life without toxic people gives you more power over your own life.

Stress is one of the most dangerous syndromes than anything else today which affects our productivity as well, and over top, toxic people give more stress to life than is actually supposed to be. Toxic people cause stress in others, through shouting, losing their temper inappropriately, or being mean and saying horrible things, for which they often apologise but later say again anyway.

This stress can manifest itself in those on the receiving end as headaches, anxiety, nagging illnesses, or sleeping problems. This can eventually lead to depression as well. Some people motivate you to do better while some people give you so much stress about useless things that your effectiveness and confidence level decreases.

People around you might not even know their negative or toxic impact to your lives so it’s you who need to figure out since mostly these are the people who are close to you that their being toxic to your life is unimaginable.

Someone in a toxic relationship is like a person in a small boat that’s sinking; the more he or she tries to bail out, the faster the boat goes down.

So if you have people with below personality traits, it is the time to cut them off.

People who take advantage of you.

These people generally tend to constantly ask something or the other from you. They only love taking support and don’t venture out anything in return. It is time you say NO to these people, even if they don’t understand a NO means NO.

People who never apologise.

There is no point even arguing with such people because they are just never going to accept their mistake and forget about hearing an apology. At the end, it’s always going to be you who have to bow down, or compromise in every case.

People who are quite judgmental.

There is a huge difference between giving advice to your loved ones and being judgmental about their mistakes. Everyone needs toughness at some point and the people who give you that are genuinely the ones who want you to be happy. They don’t judge you on your mistakes because they love you for who you are.

People who judge you create an environment that only blows negative vibes.

People who lose temper.

These are the people who will drain your energy to a completely different level. You just can’t understand how to ignore the situation and ultimately fall into the trap of negativity. They lash out at you for no reason.

People who have no sympathy.

They are just not capable of lending you an ear. Even if they can, they choose not to understand your situation. Sympathy and love are necessities to survive and without them, we are no humans.

If a relationship feels like it’s taking a toll on your mental and physical well-being, it’s time to just let it go for your own good.

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