Sharon Ferrao The Mantra To Being A HAPPIER You February 9, 2017

It’s been a month since the new year began, which brought us to new goals and resolutions. However, sometimes the coming days don’t go easy on us – it often fills us with the stress of the future, the worries of the past or the missing pieces of the present. You must have plotted a lot of goals for this year but the one thing you certainly forgot to plan is HAPPINESS.

Who plans happiness? It is supposed to show up on your door like pizza, Right? Wrong! According to a growing number of psychologists, you can choose happiness, chase it and attain it by simply making an effort of monitoring the working of your mind. Both paying attention to your attitude and making changes in your day-to-day can help you experience a joyful, happy filled life.

This year, let’s explore the mantra to being a happier you. Now that’s a New Year’s resolution worth trying.

Be grateful and forgiving.

‘Thank you’- that one word which can evoke profound happiness. Practice appreciating the good in you, others and the world at large, and then give that appreciation back in spades. After all, there is always something worth being grateful for. When you feel a negative thought coming on, notice it, and then replace it with something you are grateful for. You will notice an immediate positive change in your mood.

Although you might justify holding resentment onto certain people, ultimately, it’s you and only you who is hurting deep inside. Forgiveness is a medicine. It helps you set-free from the bars of hatred and hurt. When you have forgotten your past, you can move into a happier future.

The Mantra to Being a HAPPIER You

Be a giver more than a taker.

We often unify happiness with materialism, wealth and achievement. But how long will that new Ferrari keep you happy? Get out of the ‘I, me and myself’ philosophy and learn the philosophy of ‘altruism’ believe me, this one won’t disappoint you.

In a study published in The Journal of Social Psychology, three groups of people were given different tasks. Every day for 10 days, one group was required to perform one act of altruism, another had to try something new, and the third group was told to live as they normally would. The first two groups reported higher levels of happiness after the 10-day period, suggesting that new activities and acts of giving can significantly improve our satisfaction in life.

Be the hero you should be.

In other words, do anything that makes you feel like a hero. Go sit on that roller coaster you were afraid of or go help foster those stray puppies. Voice out, achieve what you wanted to, and make that travel trip come true. Indulge in social activities. Do what it takes to feel like a hero. A little act of kindness to others or even unto yourself can make you a happier you. So be kinder, be nicer, and be happier.


Be clutter free.

Get rid of the clutter. Whether internal or of the external environment your clutter is stressing you out. So, what is clutter? It is the excess stuff — the possessions and ideas and relationships and activities – that add no value to your life. After getting rid of the excess, you will realise to not waste your money, time or potential on crap, rather invest on valuable experiences and possessions that will last forever and will ultimately sustain your happiness.

Be in self-control.

This may sound cliché, but a healthy you is a happy you. Staying healthy inside-out can give you nothing but pure bliss and happiness.

Self-control pushes you to make the difficult choice (going to the gym) over the immediately appealing option (sleep) for a result that will eventually pay off (a better body). Self-control might be thorny initially (like quitting smoking) but you reap the fruits in due course (healthy inside-out).

College students who scored high on self-control not only earned better grades but also were less depressed and anxious, had stronger personal bonds and harder self-esteem, and had fewer struggles with food, concludes the study done by Journal of Personality.

So do, what is in line with your most fundamental goals, even when you’re tempted to stray. With it, if you are in a dilemma to how to make each and every moment productive, you need to realise the power of productive mind which is actually a daily dose of motivation for an entrepreneur. Here’s the key.

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