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No lines. No checkout. At a shopping store. No, seriously! Yes, the future is here, the video that is making rounds on the internet and leaving everyone fascinated about this imagination of future of the shopping, has evolved the brand Amazon in everyone’s eyes.

Undoubtedly, Amazon Go leaves an impression of the possibilities in the coming near future where Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning have their pivotal roles to play in it. The technology is reforming the way mankind used to live and is living. Our ways of lifestyle are enormously transforming, and every day we experience a new sign of doing things differently.

Amazon Go, clearly tells us the future of shopping at a store without any hassle and taking a leap ahead from every other rival. Because innovation matters. Because nonconformity is the key to driving the innovation and stand firmly against every conformity, this is how every innovation evolves and once which was wondered as impossible is what people become used to it.

Uber is an innovation. We have repeated saying this like hundred times and we aren’t still done with it. The way we used to commute a few years back has completely transformed today. With time, people picked up this innovation and started getting used to it, several replicas appeared in the market, and before the evolution and existence of the innovation properly, the competition replaced (read pushed) everything. Every innovation is craving for the betterment today and indulging in every possibility to offer the new possibilities. Driverless cars are the another. This is how nonconformity has its own answers to the people who were once sceptical about the same.

So why did the title read “Amazon Go” isn’t the best thing? Let’s hold back to the entrepreneurial lessons because the world’s most advanced shopping technology so you never have to wait in line doesn’t come so easy.

When the video started playing, they recalled that “4 years ago, we started to wonder…”. I paused it immediately, and replayed it again to hear the words back. The voice said, “4 YEARS AGO”. In a moment of a second, I reimagined the VISION of the man behind this, and asked myself, what was I doing 4 years back? The answer was quite disappointing.

Amazon Go isn’t only a product, it’s the power of the productive mind that bolsters the vision that an entrepreneur always strives for. In a few seconds, the troubles that we face on the daily basis have been waved off, sitting captivated and we now can’t wait to experience the change.

In today’s scenario, Internet of Things has the crucial role to play in our near future, and visionaries have already imagined the future of the mankind with IoT, and every day there are new signs of seeing the possibilities of IoT through a new lens.

Entrepreneurs are driving the strategies. Coders are working on it. Teammates are stuck on to planning. Investors are having eyes on different startups which are doing something to disrupt the field. And within no time, chatbots have become our new friend. Undoubtedly, the growth of chatbots will disrupt our lives where they will be integrated into our lifestyle and will start behaving like us. Like what are we talking about?

Behind this whole scenario, the phenomenon of success or failure is secondary, the primary aspect that holds the occurrence of innovation and transforms the lifestyle telling us there is no looking back is the VISION.

Wonder if there was no such vision, will there ever be Amazon Go? On contradicting it, you have your answers as it doesn’t take much to reckon 2 plus 2 is 4. If there would be the (same) vision of some other XYZ, there will not be Amazon Go for sure, but there will be something (same) of which we would have been talking here. Vision drives the product, product proves the worth.

At the end, Jeff Bezos sets a benchmark for every entrepreneur around challenging the nonconformity, nailing it with an impact and fuelling the change that everybody would love to confront. Historically, innovation and acceptance have struggled to go hand in hand, but it takes the convictions to hold back and the vision answers it subtly. Such is the wave of disruption.

Call him stud. Call him rockstar. Call him founder. Call him visionary. Call him entrepreneur. Call him inspiration. Call him leader. What would you call the VISION? Call it MAGIC, the magic that has just given us another masterpiece set 4 years ago about to take off early coming 2017.

Just Walk Out.


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