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Just wanting something is not enough, you should have a blueprint (strategic plan) in place to get it.

A dream transforms into reality only when the dreamer has a blueprint to achieve it. Visionaries are the ones who dream and carry the zeal to take a company to the next level. When you set out on a journey, you reach the destination when you plan how to reach it, without which it would be aimless and endless travelling with no trace of the destination.

An eye on the destination will compel you to plan and create a strategy to reach the right spot. So a visionary should brainstorm his sessions to be a (true) strategic planner.

Strategic Planning

A dream becomes reality with:

Goal based priorities.

Decision-making is an art that has a technique. When you are faced with multiple choices, what will be the criterion to make the right choice? Well, if you have a plan in place with an unwavering focus on the goal, you will list your priorities based on the importance it has to achieve the goal.

A choice that takes you closer to your goal is just the right one.

A dream of the team and a dream team.

Everyone in your team should work and collaborate towards achieving the dream. Only one individual cannot turn a dream into reality. Once the whole team embraces the dream, vision and understands the strategic plan to know their role in the big picture, achieving it would be comparatively easier. Everyone should work towards a common goal in agreement with the plan.

Retrospection and introspection.

Often precious time is spent on routine activities and we are oblivious about the progress we have made. Don’t let the plan be on papers, sit with your team regularly to compare what results the plan was supposed to give and the actual results.

Revisit your plan to answer the questions: Is your plan working out? Are your efforts being paid off? This makes you alert at the right junctures about the challenges you are facing at present and corrective steps you need to take.

Strategic Planning

Tweak the plan based on the present situation and changes in the business environment. Re-assess your performance and realign your activities. Daily activities might keep you too occupied or a focus on revenue might be your priority. But, regularly take out time to review performance, update the plan to ensure that you are on the right track so that you won’t deviate from the goal.

Also, introspect about skills you and your team need to upgrade. Keep everyone abreast of latest processes, technologies and changes in the business environment.

Turn off your cell phone and be a few minutes away from your office to avoid distractions to introspect and retrospect.

Gauging what-if situations.

We cannot control some situations; political, economical, legal or competitive environments in which we function. Unseen events should be dealt with by taking quick actions before it affects business. When you have a strategic plan in place, managers can assess the risk factors and a contingent plan to deal with it.

In the today’s scenario, the changes are introduced rapidly, so companies should swiftly adjust their strategies to adapt to the changing conditions and move ahead along with the need of the hour.

A dream takes the shape of reality with a well-versed strategic plan. Retrospect about your plan, introspect about your strengths and weaknesses. Keep learning; curious minds often stumble upon great ideas and great planners make real the envisioned ideas.

Adding a bit to the curiosity, how do the great people stimulate their minds? It’s all about the daily dose that waves out from the power of a productive mind.


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