Sugandha Puri How To Create Content That Every Prospective Customer Wants November 30, 2016

Content Marketing is the most upbeat syndrome happening today in the marketing field. Not only does it require great ideas but with the great ideas, it requires great execution as well. Content can take any number of forms like social media posts, blogs, articles, slideshows, presentations, webinars videos, photos, etc.

One individual content byte does not help client’s business to travel the entire journey and instead smaller milestones of content should be created. It does not matter how obscure your product or service is, focus on the content has its own significance of importance. It is said “Content is the King” so it is the want to string words together that make sense for the brand, can be engrossing and engaging, and stabilise the identity of a brand. And how should you be looking for your customers? Here is the strategy!

How to create Content

“Content is anything that adds value to a reader’s life.”

Content falls short if it doesn’t evoke a reaction, and reactions stem from emotions. Any marketing campaign has the highest probability of becoming successful if the content curated and created is appealing and engaging. In short, the campaign that leaves a mark on the targeted segments of the respective brand. So the content should be catered in a way that it can be related to a common man’s life and at the same time help the brand to get uplifted.

Engaging content attributes to an engaging audience. Try to always leave readers with questions that they explore the brand more. People love to hear stories. Stories help clarifying a point. Adding videos and images makes the content more interactive and there are more chances to have a better ROI. A few days back, Mark Zuckerberg in a Facebook post reflected his thoughts on putting video first.

With all its benefits, content marketing is a long term relation and should not be considered as a one night stand. It helps to make your brand/product or service be known but gradually. Customer’s stories and testimonials should always be taken into consideration and can also be transformed into small bytes of content. Feedback also shares the same importance. Content should be original and connecting, and with a strong conviction, say no to Plagiarism (Internet hates it too).

How to create Content

Focus should also be on creating strong headlines, and when a reader clicks it, the content inside it should prove its worth, not just the follow-up of the clickbait fad. The audience usually doesn’t have the time to read long trails of content so the first thing that attracts them towards the brand is a strong headline. There are a lesser number of people who will read the entire article or post in comparison to the people who will be driven by the headline. Headlines should strictly be short and crisp, both at the same time. Yes, you read it right!

Average time spent by readers or say the customers on one article or post is around 37 seconds. That’s the amount of time you have to mark an impact and leverage the value propositions of the brand. Attention is, undoubtedly, the necessity.

More than adding money to the brand, the content should also add value in terms of time and information as well. Top brands care more about the value of information than the value of money. If one can deliver the information so that the time of the customer is saved then it adds to the efficiency of the brand. The information should be accurate and precise with the right sources.

On the last note, content creation and curation should not be considered as a difficult task. One hour of brain storming sessions or picking insights from top content curation tools like digg, scoopit, feedly etc, can make your tasks simpler and also help you not go too off sight with the brand you are representing.


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