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As a child, what is it that gives us a real upswing, a shot in the arm? Yes, it is if someone asks us to do something for them. If a person gives us a responsibility to shoulder, that is what gives us a ‘feel good’ rush in our veins. And this feeling lasts even when we turn into adults.

As humans, doing something for another person is the biggest satisfaction that we get for ourselves. Like they say, we should give gifts. Not only will it pep up the person receiving it, but it gives something to smile about even to the giver that she or he was responsible for making someone else happy.

So, why is it so? Getting a job to do for someone else places their faith in us. It shows they trust us, that we are capable of doing something for them. In this way, they get the required dose of ‘oxygen’ for living that someone is doing a job function for them. And we too get the required quantity of this elixir that we are of importance for someone else. Human psyche works this way. Do a good turn, and the ‘all izz well’ feel will come to both the doer and even to the one giving the work.


Children are malleable and moldable. But even they, in their little worlds, by an innate conscience in them, recognize such signals. Being left out by themselves or kept away from doing little activities, sends them wrong signs of their own well-being. They do not learn the value of working. And not just this, they do not pick up traits of developing fraternal feelings and the happiness quotient of making someone else cheerful.

On the flip side, asked to do small jobs will inculcate a sense of not just that working is a good thing, but also that doing something for someone is a good thing. And that all things move around in circles in this universe of ours – good turns always beget good turns.

Like said Pooja Sehgal, “my seven year old Vir’s chest pumps up with pride when I tell him to do something for me.” He already understands that if my mommy is asking me to work, she thinks I am capable of doing it. Otherwise, she will go right ahead and do the job herself without bothering to ask me.

Such an upbringing, in which small odd jobs and responsibilities are given to children, will make them grow up feeling ‘all is good in my world’. God made me in such a way that I can take responsibility. And work-friendly children grow up to be hardworking adults.

It is a trait which was imbibed in them when they were little, and they take to it naturally even when they turn professionals in their line of work. Do try to imbibe such habits in your children. You will see for yourself how grounded and hands-on adults they will become in the school of life.


A writer by profession and more by choice. I feel strongly for all tasks in which either parent can work or stay at home basis of their kids to have their share of parental care. I am also a spoken English trainer for it is English language that makes my world tick.

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