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Well, it is okay to jump from one career to another, exploring one, fitting in, finding yourself detached to it and then drifting off to another career, related to the first one or not. However, there’s a catch. A rather big one.

A lot of us are still not in the right frame of mind and maturity when we’re asked to choose the field we’d like to follow for the rest of our lives. I mean, we haven’t even explored enough to decide that in the age. We have access to all the guidance in the world from peers, parents, and professionals. And, then there’s, of course, our own interests that instigate our career decisions. Hence, regardless of whether we possess the maturity to select the means of our future revenue and respect, we ultimately have to take that decision. So, we do.

And, mostly it turns out to be the right career when you see it moulding into your life so easily in the later years. But, sometimes it doesn’t fit as perfectly into your lifestyle as you hoped for it to be. Now, reasons could be many. Loss of interest, monotony of the current career, other circumstances etc…etc. Then all you do is slog through your work, thinking you made this decision years ago or probably others did.

Nevertheless, there’s no out at this point is what you feel. Since you took this decision, you’re liable to it. Thus, an invitation to confusion and another negativity is automatically passed around and you get stuck in a zone of working simply because of the responsibility, not because you really want to out of interest; which is totally not the trend in the current world.


However, contrary to what the society and the people think, there is an escape from this. If a person feels one no longer enjoys working in or towards his or her respective careers and feels like one wouldn’t even if one had tried, then, one can make a move to another career. But, the catch that I mentioned above? Well, the only condition here is that it is okay to jump from one career to another. However, it’s not a game.

It requires some thought. Actually, a lot of thought. Interest. Perseverance. Capability. Conviction. The willingness to work hard and put in efforts.

Yes, it is highly suggested that you change your career if you aren’t willing to pursue the current one anymore. But also, the career you’re opting next for should be chosen carefully. Say, you can’t decide one morning that you will get into commercial art or fashion when you’ve actually never had any particular interest or ability in that area but just been influenced by someone. Having an interest in a subject and actually having an interest in working in and around that subject is a lot different, and are the two different sides. That’s something all of us should keep in mind when making career decisions. First or many.

The procedure that goes into deciding your main career back in school or college, that’s the exact same procedure that should be implemented when looking for another career. Take tests, and take professional guidance if needed. Explore subjects and your interests and find out what is that something you can do for the rest of your life.

A supplementary advice that all the career counsellors offer is that you should always have a backup. A backup career that you can fall back upon in the times of crisis or just when you are looking for another field of career. Who knows! You are probably an engineer with a hidden talent of singing…that could be your backup, perhaps?

Nevertheless, the conclusion is that it is okay to change your career at any point, given that there’s been enough thinking and planning around it. After all, as much as it is okay to jump from one career to another, it can either be life-changing or life-breaking!

And, another thought that strikes and makes us worry at times, are we scared to follow a non-trending career path? Here’s what you need to know.


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