Guest TNT Little Things I Did Before I Planned On Conquering The World October 18, 2016

I took the first step that day, three months ago. I woke up and faked a smile. I looked at my not so appealing, manly feet, my bloating tummy, the messy room and yet, I smiled. It was difficult because I’d usually wake up with an expressionless blank face. I made myself some coffee, massaged and oiled my hair.

I went out in the sun and watched little kids play even though I knew I’d find it boring, I did. It turned out to be fun.

I threw away all the takeaway pamphlets and made myself a simple sandwich. It sucked but I didn’t feel like throwing it. The fact that I managed to make myself a sandwich made me happy.

All of these little things made me feel better, better about my existence. Not overwhelmingly better but yes, I was proud of the fact that for a change, I made an effort to something.

The next day I woke up and had a long bath, walked a mile, and picked a good read.

The following day I made a to-do-list which included a hundred sit-ups and two cups of green tea every day. It was difficult at first, I started with half a cup and barely thirteen sit ups. From thirteen to fifty to hundred, I finally made it to hundred sit-ups a day. I began dancing for fifteen minutes every day and never left a novel unfinished.

I applied for a course, got myself a job, and created a readers’ blog. I wrote every day without fail.

Things took time, but now when I wake up, I don’t have to fake a smile. The bloated tummy is gone, my legs seem cleaner, I make sure I clean them every evening after my walk. I play with my neighbour’s dog at least fifteen minutes every day and eat less rice as compared to before.

If at all you need to bring about little changes in your monotonous boring life, start with faking a smile and a cup of warm water every morning before you plan on conquering the world. You will eventually be there, all flushing, peaceful and confident.


(This story has been written by Jyoti Malhotra which came to us through the submissions).

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