Sugandha Puri Is There Something More Motivating To Employees Than Pizza And Beer? October 3, 2016

Who doesn’t love pizza or beer, but is there something else that can make employees feel more motivated in real time? Something that reaches deeper in a human than the basic aspirations.

At any given time, motivation is the key to attain better performance and efficiency. Usually, many of us don’t feel very motivated at work and guess what, the reason is quite simple. The techniques used at our workstations don’t really work for us.

A materialistic reward may get the job done in a timely manner, but it lacks the finesse of sincere appreciation that could be gathered. While profession is the means to one’s bread and butter, it is also a zeal for some and fulfilment for others. These are the emotions that drive us in the longer run.

A unique experiment was performed on a group of people wherein one group was promised a bonus and the other group received a text message of gratitude from their boss at the end of the week. It just so happens that the group which received the message performed better than the group which was promised a bonus.

Pizza scenes and beer nights are a good way to encourage affinity towards the company but what motivates them most is a praise or perhaps a compliment. Your employees may not remember the pizza and beer parties but they will surely remember the humble gratitude you offered towards them and the feeling of fulfilment on their part and yours. This makes them feel happier and satisfied and leaves a mark on their subconscious, which in fact, energises them to grow with the company and the company grows with them.

Corporate culture is changing day by day and perhaps it’s important for the employers to stay up to date with the new methods of motivation and recognition, and never forgetting that they should always be high on morale. Keeping employees in the loop of projects, and being transparent and humble makes them feel more like it’s their own thing. Share with them rewards and grievances. It bridges the gap they feel with you and makes you more humane. People love appreciation and recognition, and desire to earn both of them more than anything else, and money comes in hand along with it that they are already aware of.


Motivation along with the freedom of access can do wonders for efficiency as well as employee retention. The new age mantra is to not only to get work done but also bring the work ethics as expertise and figure out, how the transition appears.

Gone are the days where an employee was to glue to his desk 9 to 5, and if you’re still processing the same method then most likely the employee is already looking at the better sides to hand over the resignation letter soon. Allowing flexible work hours is like freeing a bird from the cage. And then on, it’s a treat to watch the bird take flight and soar high.



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