Sugandha Puri Body Image Issues In Our Society August 10, 2016

I am too fat, I am too short, I am so skinny, etc. Does any of these lines sound familiar to you? I am sure they do.

There is too much of hype in our society about the body image. Body image is all about how you feel about your own body and what you think your body looks like. The bare truth is that there is no ideal body image.

Body shaming is a very common issue prevailing in our society. Everyone will have a different point of view about your body. Some might say you are as thin as a wafer or some might even say you look like a whale blubber. This thing can never stop because of the naïve mentality of the people in our society where people are forgetting that it’s all about the choice and comfort. You don’t have to be superficial because you think that society won’t accept you or even your partner for that matter. What matters is that you should be happy with yourself.

Nowadays, the fashion magazines and entertainment industry tend to portray an ideal body image that is absolutely extreme and it tends to make people lose confidence in themselves. Social media has a very powerful stand that women end up comparing themselves with other women and trust me, the results can be really devastating. For the matter of fact, at first place, why is there a need to bring the comparison?

Spending too much time online while looking at the pictures of friends and celebrities might give inferiority complex, but we need to understand that everyone is not the same and one should always be confident about oneself and their body. As long as one is not diagnosed with obesity or bulimia/anorexia or as long as one is not diagnosed with a medical condition because of their body, it is totally alright to be comfortable with it but in any case, there is no place for occurrence of inferiority. Things have their way to work out, all we need is to breathe and work hard.

The majority of people, especially women feel very dissatisfied with their bodies and they may try to eliminate themselves from family get-togethers, functions or might not even feel comfortable developing any romantic attachment with their partner. This situation can often lead to the mental disorders. How you feel about your body plays a huge impact on your mental health and your behaviour with others so there’s a need to be optimistic about yourself at first.

Today girls as young as seven years old worry about their size and figure, but it’s their age to chill and learn and not to worry about their body image, at least not to feel shame of it. Suddenly, physical attractiveness has become more important to each one of us that it started affecting us but the major question arises to ask yourself, why?

The rise in the number of plastic surgeries also affects. Advertisements promising about changing what you don’t like about your body is outrageous. Each society has set their own standards and there is only a few percent of people in our society who will look on the internal side and accept for who you are.

Everyone tries to act superior from one another which creates more negativity. I repeat, people need to understand that it’s all about one’s choice and comfort. The choice to put heavy makeup or no makeup at all or choice to get dressed or roam around in pajamas, it’s all about the freedom to have a choice, and the rest doesn’t matter.

One should try to overcome their inferiority complex and wrong perceptions about others. We should become more strong minded individuals who can reject the norms and judgements of the society and lead a positive life transformed with our own choices.

There is no space for body shame.


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A Computer Science Engineer by education and Business Analyst by profession. I believe we are who we choose to be and we have to go out and fight for it. I have Passion for writing and love to give my view point on different situations.

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