Payal Johri Feminism: A Set Of Beliefs Or Just A Piece Of Cloak? April 27, 2016

“I am a Feminist. I believe women have as many rights as men and should be treated equally in all aspects of life.”
“You won’t believe what an absolute jerk he was! He asked me to share the expense on our date last night.”
“So what if I am a woman, I can do whatever a man can. I support feminism.”
“I know I love him as much as he does, but how can I propose when he is supposed to do it.”
“Oh he is just a fake! He has no respect for women. Pretentious creature, men!”

Few examples we all have come across at one or the other point in our lives. What we are to infer from them? That we are the feminists fighting for our rights and privileges in the society. Think again. Because what I smell is just chauvinism veiled as feminism.

From what I’ve read and learnt so far, according to that, a feminist is a person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of all the sexes. It is not a gender biased concept, something that most of our so called feminists fail to understand.

Feminism, these days has become more of a safety measure than a raised opinion. Most of the women out there try to protect themselves behind the bars of feminism. According to them, either you are a feminist or a misogynist. That is not true!

If we are so feminism driven and supportive of the ideas then why do we need the support of ‘ladies first’? Were we equal right? Where does the feminist in us vanishes when we expect a man to offer his seat just because a lady is standing? Can’t the man be as much tired as the woman herself? But it’s like a rule that has been followed and leaves a mark to ponder upon.

Women are a beautiful angelic creation of God worthy of being respected and treated well. True. But what really disturbs is the fact that people confuse Feminism with blindly agreeing to anything and everything that a woman does, says or believes.

Another very crucial point that irks real bad is the association of rapes and sexual assaults with feminism. Feminism has got nothing to do with rapes. Moreover, it is a bloating mark on the face of humanity!

Women have always been tagged as ‘fragile’, ‘sensitive’, ‘delicate’, and ‘emotional’ beings. These are the traits and not your regular dose of comfort food that you can treat yourself to whenever and however the circumstances demand.

It takes almost next to nothing to say that you’re a feminist but the truth is that most of the ‘feminists’ don’t even understand what that term is actually about. I know many of you might have by now pulled up their socks to bite me off the radar but just for once, think. And think hard.

Nobody is free from this ‘feminist-equalist’ trap. It all really depends on the level of thinking that an individual possesses. Not everything can be measured on the scale of black and white. Watch out for those concealed shades of grey.

One cannot get away with anything and everything simply hiding behind the cloak of Feminism because understanding it without falling prey to any ambiguity is a task.

So the next time anybody tries to throw the term at you, just make them think whether they’re really worth using it.


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