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Happiness is elusive. A moment of happiness visits your life and the next moment it abandons you. It is not easy to always be happy and in a state of bliss. We do get disillusioned by the struggles of life. Happiness can be found in materialistic things but this feeling is temporal. We keep chasing materialistic things with the hope that they would make us happy.

Renowned thinkers and psychologists have pondered over this thought as to what makes human beings happy?

One such psychologist Victor Frankl who was a holocaust survivor explains in his book ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ that human beings search for meaning in their life. He believed without meaning human beings fall into despair.

Victor Frankl spent many years advising people to search for meaning and a unique path amidst the tribulations they faced in life. Engulfed by insurmountable challenges finding happiness and satisfaction in life becomes an indomitable task.

When people don’t reach their goals they get deeply disillusioned and unhappy. But, people with strong determination continuously strive to reach their goal and never give up. With this determination life becomes worthwhile.

But, above all this is another aspect of life, which itself leads to this strong determination. It is your endeavour to search for own self. We see many successful people fall into depression and live a life full of misery. They find no happiness in their achievements and recognition. What makes them unhappy?

Today’s world witnesses a mad rush towards external sources of pleasures. We never internalize, we run after material things. How often do we pause for a while in the entire day to introspect about our own self and our actions?

Often introspection leads to a journey that delves into the deeper meaning of your life. As you connect with yourself, you truly realize what makes you happy? Without introspection you chase things that you think would give happiness but, in reality, they don’t.

A peep within yourself would make you overcome your frustrations and you stay calm in extremely tough situations. You let go your past, stop being anxious about future and start focusing on the present.

It is also necessary to love yourself as you are, with all your flaws. Break away from the shackles of past and live in the present moment. Accepting things as they take you a step ahead in being happy and fulfilled.

As Osho says, ‘This is the only moment you have got.’

Talk to your own body and mind. Connect with yourself. Perhaps, this aspect is missing in our life today. Every human soul is in search of something which cannot be found in the outside world. The answers lie within you. Knowing yourself is one good tool to happiness. Find your own truth and accept it.

A journey within reveals the treasures of true happiness; turns and twists on this path are your learning of self and a realization of the truth that is your own.



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