Rinky Marwaha Page 3 Talks: The More Some Things Change, The More They Remain Same March 17, 2016 https://www.nakedtruth.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Page3-Talks.jpg

What with summers setting in, there is this mad rush to throw outdoorsy, poolside and terrace parties all over town. And, in these, typically, an interesting conversation starter would be “what a lovely halter neck Nina Canacci dress you are sporting!” or “isn’t this ornate Lladro Ganpati idol just the best accent to place as a centerpiece in the room,” or even “she has made a point to get the Chinese bao in the menu today, what a smart idea to just place the very latest in cuisine right in front of our eyes.”

Drawing room party talk or rather social do-s with the hip and happening gentry, be it London, New York, Tokyo or Amchi Mumbai, usually have a distinct flavor in them. Sure-shot twists of food, fashion and décor figure pretty prominently are the highlights.

And lately, to join this bandwagon of what is termed as interesting talks, are spirituality issues in a big way. First, second and even third level reiki attunements, pranic healing sessions, angel card readings, reading the runes, all come out total winners in the lifestyle quota of talking material.

And just so that it is clear that anything and everything that starts with an ‘s’ is not part of spiritual sciences, it is best to know that tarot cards are totally passé now. Added to this, do not just go for simple yoga classes, even if you are dressed to the hilt for them. Join in Tibetan yoga or Sahastra yoga or, at least, Bikram Yoga!

Just a few moons ago, it was wearing cocktail rings or daminis in your fingers and at the back of your hands that was considered just the thing to do. Well move over such accessories, it is now full finger rings, kinkinis in your toes, an anklet or an amulet or, at least, gel paint in your nails that may get you a glance or two at a get together.

Then are the scene stealers which come all wrapped up in the formats of neon crop tops, six-inch wedges from Christian Louboutin or, at least, a marsala coloured tote bag from the House of Armani.

And, what about the fragrance you are sporting? If you go anywhere wearing a deo, you are floundering at all points, my friend! Make sure to be all emanating a limited edition perfume, no less, if you at all want to be accepted into the true blue party circuit of your city.

Things change, people change, the ruling party of the country changes, but some things are such that the more they change, the more they remain the same. Party talks are like just that.

There can be a moment or two or maybe even a few minutes of some hems and haws on politics or the law of the land, but eventually, just when things truly start get going, it is back to the same grind.

Who was there on Page 3 of the newspaper today, and who will be in it tomorrow, is the focal point around here, as always!



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