Jay Bhargav Freedom 251: The Cheapest Smartphone Grabs 6 Lakhs Hits Per Second Crashes Website February 18, 2016 https://www.nakedtruth.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Freedom251.jpg

Unlike our history, Ringing Bells, a Noida based Cell Phone manufacturer has proved that Freedom 251 is actually extremely cheap.

The freedom of staying connected to the world, now is no more a luxury for the Indian society but is now an economically available provision which every individual can make use of.

Ringing Bells have launched the Freedom 251, a touchscreen smartphone which will be made available to the masses for a cost of merely Rs. 251 (+Shipping charges of Rs. 40) through online booking and will be shipped to the customers in the next four months.

The Phone sports decent specifications that are way too ahead of the price it is being offered at. Do look around on the website for first impressions and reviews of the Freedom 251, it has appealed many who are waiting to order it.

It shares a bleak similarity with the iPhone, but unlike the latter it has a complete plastic body. The phone comes with pre-installed apps like Women Safety, Swachh Bharat, Fisherman, Farmer, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. and supports Dual-Sim. It is 3G compliant and has other connectivity features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The Software is closest to the stock Android 5.1 Lollipop, but when you are buying this phone, maybe you are not expecting a lot.

The booking for the same started today morning at 6 AM, and the only disappointment is that the website crashed within a span of few hours. People have been tweeting and flooding the social media with taunts about the “Pay Now” button on the website actually being a vamped up refresh button.

Hoping the Ringing Bells team can rectify this at the earliest as we expect the customer registrations are going to be in great numbers. It is notified on their website that it has received 6 Lakhs hits per second and are now working on it to make service available before or within 24 hours.

This might be a pinch for the Smart Phone manufacturer as the sales started off with a negative response, but the price is so seductive that nothing can stop it from selling well. If you overhear people talking about how they booked 3 to 4 smartphones at once, they are probably talking about the Freedom 251.

What most of us are wondering is how the manufacturer is making profits out of this.

The truth is, the phone stands at the price point of 3000-3500 but the makers have worked on the maths and have reduced their investments by mass manufacturing the Freedom 251. Hence making more units available to the audience at a very affordable price.

It is surely a step closer to the Digital India. It can also be considered as a slap in the face of Chinese manufacturers who are the manufacturing giants today.

Ringing Bells has set a standard for the world, stating that manufacturing products in India too can be lucrative.

Earlier, we had the Akash Tablet which was also offered for a very good price but was not well received by the customers for its lack of quality.

People are sceptical about a cost efficient product, and they should be but what’s the outcome of the Freedom 251, will only be decided in the coming 4 months when it starts getting shipped.


Cover image is the representation to the mobile taken from Freedom 251 official website.


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