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A life reserved for the stunningly beautiful, designer clothes and jet-setting. Many assume life as a model consists solely of walking down a runway wearing the latest fashions and looking beautiful at all times.

But the reality can be far from the perception.

Working models have shared their honest feeling about the industry on the anonymous app Whisper, and their words make for an eye-opening read.

Their confessions make one ponder that what’s life all about? The answer can be rapid in the head but when we speak up, we dilute the hypocrisy from the face to the mud of the glam sham life.

Here’s why you need to spare few hours for the keyword “life”, here’s what they said.

Being a model is a difficult job! You can't eat what you want, or dye your hair the way you want, plus you work so many hours and never stop until it's right.

Being a model is hard work. You have to pretend to feel something you don’t – like happiness.

I’m a professional model and have an eating disorder. Ninety nine per cent of my fellow models do too. I wish I could change the industry, but it’s currently helping me pay for college so I feel helpless.

I love and hate modeling. I love it, cause the photoshoots are fun. But I hate it when I’m reminded I’m a model not for my plain face, but for my thin body.

I'm a model andwhen people see pics of me before we meet I feel like they have unrealistic expectations...I don't always have flawless makeup and permanent sex hair.

My secret is that I model. I’ve never told anyone, because all my family and friends think models are shallow and self-centered. We’re not all like that.

Being a model isn’t as glamorous as the media makes it out to be… Worst decision I ever made. It has destroyed me.

I’m 5’9 and I model but I am still deathly insecure about every part of me.

Being a model is hard. I hate when I get doors slammed in my face.

I'm a model. I was told by my agent to carry on taking drugs and to only walk for exercise because they don't want me to have any muscle definition at all.

It makes us realize that do not forget the roots where you’re connected to, otherwise it may lead to an anxiety regardless of the bank balance that you are up to.

On the other side, it marks a lesson for one and all that cherishing the life (in whatever way, wherever you are) is the most important ingredient to celebrate the happiness.

You might reach to the state of memorabilia but it’s good to have a contented wave of life exploring the soul, inner-beauty, relations and tenderness that everybody desires.

Makeup does have a validity of hours to look personified but not to be at many times, and what about when it goes off.

Nothing let you kill from the inside, no-thing! Take a wake-up call, right?


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