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Just like kids will always be kids, parents too will always be like parents.

The image of them is of people who care very deeply for us and are always around and about whenever there is a need and sometimes, even when there isn’t.

However, sad to say, some parents do tend to go a bit overboard in their odysseys of parenting. They are found right next to their kids even when it is not needed and are too fussy about small issues and things. Such an ilk is termed as helicopter parents, always hovering at hand, never staying too long, but going and coming, going and coming.

This trend of being overly concerned about little matters tends to stifle the child in a way that they become adults who are not able to take and make decisions. In reality, and as psychologists and psychiatrists would have us understand, helicopter parenting leads to insecure children who are used to constant mollycoddling and babysitting.

Their fresh of breath air includes parents sitting on their heads at most points in time.

What is rather whimsical is that even when mom and dad are present, they at times may not be completely involved in actual proceedings. Their presence is there, but full scap involvement is not. This tends to spoil situations even more, at times.

However, at other times, this stance may work well since children will not come to any harm as parents are always physically present. At least, all mishaps can either be avoided or will immediately be taken care of as and when they happen. But when it comes to the nurturing of mental faculties, constant meddling is not good – it leads to kids trying to hide certain nuances of their lives and times from overprying eyes. Even children need their privacy at times – they too have their little somethings which they would like to keep to themselves.

Then comes the matter of how much attention is too much and how much is too little. If the child is being tended to by a reliable teacher or even by a nurse or nanny, they are already is safe hands. This is the ideal time for the child to have his or her “me” time when they bond with their toys or books or even with other mates. Parents are not needed in this scenario – in fact, their presence may just hinder the bonding process.

What is important is that parents be approachable at all times, not necessarily be present physically. An additional add-on to this is that when they do meet up, the kids’ will be joyous in seeing them and will share with them whatever it is that happened when they were not around.

Also, it gives them space and freedom to make little choices of their own like the food or dress or the TV program they would like to watch. Even if a certain decision made is wrong, at least, it was their own and not something told to them or forced upon them. This in itself is a learning experience of sorts.

However, if you are an over concerned parent and leaving your child in someone else’s care is taboo – you can opt for a place with CCTV cameras with wiring done with the mobiles or laptops to keep an eye on the child without them actually being aware of it. How does that sound?

A writer by profession and more by choice. I feel strongly for all tasks in which either parent can work or stay at home basis of their kids to have their share of parental care. I am also a spoken English trainer for it is English language that makes my world tick.

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