Aekta Khubchandani Pudge: Life In Its Own Way January 2, 2016

I’m shy. But, I’ll tell you who I am, anyway. My name is Pudge. And, I’m fat and round. Yes! I’m Pudgy too.

People make fun of me because of how I am, no one wants to know who I am. That’s how life has become. People are more concerned with ‘how’ more than ‘who.’ And, this makes me really sad. People and life, both make me sad.

So, I read books. I read ghost stories and fairy tales and fiction and non-fiction and a lot of poetry.

There’s this girl I like. Her name is Laila. She’s cute. She’s not pretty but, she’s beautiful. She isn’t hot, but she’s adorable. And, I’ve written something for her but, I’ll probably never give it to her.

Last night, before I could go to bed, I saw an angel. She came to me and kissed my forehead. She played with my hair and taught me life in her own way.

She told me to be brave and strong and to make my way. For the things that I wanted and for the people’s hearts I wanted to win, if winning hearts was what my life should be all about. She told me to know for sure of what I want and to be positive about it. And, I’d get it soon someday.

She was beautiful. She was an angel. A true one! The one who cared and then I realized that if maybe I could make a wish, it could come true.

This day, I’ve decided to fall in love with myself and not another being. And, I’m starting to write poetry for myself before I do that for others.

Fall in love with yourself before you fall for someone else. Life can be beautiful, then.

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A doodle artist, a basketball player and a crow lover. She has her mind travelling to places unknown but, she loves to physically travel too. For her, good food and good coffee are therapy. She also believes in magic. Her life rotates around hallucinations, dreams and visions. And, she likes to see things differently.

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