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It’s very easy to get married to a wealthy man, own all the luxuries of life through his wealth and act as if you always owned those material riches. It is very difficult to strive for an individual identity, to toil every single day to accomplish your dreams and to be an independent personality. No doubt it is beautiful to have someone on whom you can rely, but nothing is comparable to a sense of self-sufficiency and a sense of accomplishment.

So, here are 11 reasons, why you ought to fight against all odds to go out there and live life on your own terms.

1) All your life, you find some or the other person trying to control you and you had enough of it. There are few people on earth who love to be dependent on others so much that they do not want to take control on even their own life, but for the rest of the world, it is almost torture when you find that your life is property of someone else and they act as if they own it.

2) You see your friends living their dreams and that is when it hits you. This is what I want too. Surfing through Facebook feed in your leisure time, and suddenly you see your friends posting pictures of them working or visiting Italy with their friends. Instead of grinning that some people have all the luck in the world. Maybe it is the time you start doing something to change your destiny with your efforts.

3) You have been told zillion times that you are exceptionally talented. Don’t you think it would be a sheer waste of the blessed gift you have if you don’t do anything about it? If you have the zeal and the vibe in you then there is always a way, you just have to go out there and find it. The trick is you have to be in it, to win it.

4) Choosing the easy way out may sound alluring now but you won’t be content in the long run. If you are a girl and you come from a conservative family, then this is for sure that after you graduate, the relatives will already start asking you one of the most favorite questions there ever is, “When are you getting married?” Then it would be accompanied with the second most exclaimed statement, “Why do you want to do a job, when you already have everything, just settle down and enjoy family life”. For a moment, you might think it is right, but wait, take a deep breath and come out of this illusion.

5) It is all about finding yourself in this big world. Your college life was fun no doubt but once it is over, then it is time to do something for you. Explore different things; find what work excites you most and what you want from life.

6) Finally, pack your bags and move to a new place. This is the beginning of yet new chapter that will change your life forever. You can make a to-do-list. It won’t be that long, but the first three things should be – Find a job, find a place and be happy. Once you start working on it, everything else will start falling in place.

7) Reunite with all your old friends who are in the same city. Sometimes all it takes is a hug from your friend and you get back all the energy you need to keep going. Plus all work and no play will make you boring, so make sure you chalk out plans to go out with them on weekends.

8) You will start meeting new people and to your surprise you will find some really amazing people at times and places you never expected. That is life, it will always surprise you, so always be open to being acquainted with new people. Make sure you make them feel welcomed in your life too. Talk to them about your life, share contacts and add them on facebook because networking after all is crucial.

9) Keep reminding your family and near ones, how much you love them. They are always there to support you after all. Maybe they differ in thoughts initially but eventually they start understanding your point and are concerned about you. So take out time from your busy schedule and tell them that you are fine and everything is going great.

10) Finding love? Well, not really important. Love is the most overrated expression there ever is. The cliché to find your soul mate is vague. Your soul mate can be your friends, work, book, food, traveling and what not. The point is stop trying hard to find love, if it has to happen then cupid will play his cards automatically and you will find someone who makes you smile even in worse times. But till the time you don’t stop obsessing about it. There is always a bigger picture you need to focus at this point in your life. Also, love is a part of life, don’t make it the heart of life.

11) Enjoy the freedom, be independent and wild. Your own job, an own place to stay. Cook for yourself, travel to exquisite places with your friends and have the best time of your life.

This is the time to chase your dreams. If life is a story, then make sure yours is the best seller.

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Hailing from the exquisite valley of Kashmir, I just love the bliss that lies in nature, people, thoughts and ideas. Being a journalist in progress, I love everything which is associated with this profession. Extrovert and sometimes a troublemaker, I believe in turning ideas into reality.

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