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Spirituality, as is the oft-repeated chant, is a way of life. Being spiritual is to do with the soul curry of our beings, not with religion. It comes from the manner in which we conduct ourselves, with the various facets of how we live, it even has to do with what we eat, drink, see and focus on. Powerful cleansing of our inner selves, by which we train our thought processes to be rid of negative emotions like jealousy, hatred, rivalry et al, also contribute to our sojourn of becoming spiritual.

In these times, what many of us do is lean towards practices like angel therapy, reading the runes, reiki, aura cleansing, pendulum dowsing, even follow Buddhism, all in the quest of trying to rid ourselves of idol worship and the hum drums of our Hinduism beliefs and followings. This enactment, in itself, for some is a step towards becoming more spiritual, more in touch with what should be done, and not what is being done. Bettering ourselves on a scale of human behavior, too, is aiming towards spirituality. Trying to see not just what you think is right but putting others’ perspectives before selves, marks another tick in the book of spiritual leaves.

So, what is the big deal? Spirituality, why? Firstly, spirituality is tuning in with our inner senses, what makes us feel good about our own actions, that is awakening of our faculties towards the positive forces of the universe. Making a conscious effort to uplift our thoughts and actions into another plane, into another level altogether, where we see eye to eye with the functionalities of the good in others, not the evil. Like mentioned before, even joining a yoga class, just twice a week, could trigger off the spirituality button in us. It will help in harmonizing our outer selves with what lies deep within, all by just doing a few asanas and striking a bare minimum number of poses.

For another lot, just chanting the word ‘aum’ a hundred times over, is enough to what they call purify the manner in which their brain functions and in place retune it into the path of good thinking. Remodelling our eating habits to incorporate an ‘x’ number of antioxidants per day is another form of spiritualism for some. In short, this effort is nothing but a redesigning of our days and our works into a path of synchronizing the energies of the world with those which are own, just to feel more light, more upbeat. There are a hundred and one tension giving events which happen to us. But, if we try to refocus our sensibilities towards what we have, rather than what we do not, it is half the job done. In earlier times, all ill was warded off by doing prayers, chanting hymns, making offerings of flowers and money and what else not. This is seeing a bit of a downswing now with what is called trying to become more spiritual in our outlooks.

There is also a section of misogynists who claim what spiritualism is the luxury of the rich. The poor still believe in temples and rituals when down and out. What such people do not realize is that spirituality is different from religion. These two do not mix together. Religion is the belief in the god or in a superpower to whom we try and reach our desires and wishes. On the flip side, spirituality is an attempt to free ourselves from the negative karmic forces of this earth. Like mentioned before, this could even be attained by giving up the normal three cups of tea we have daily and substituting it with five of organic coffee. Anything, anything, literally which will wash us of something ill which holds us back in becoming healthier in mind, body and soul, is spirituality.

So many men and women live boxed up lives. The dull routine of daily living bogs us and makes us unhappy, shallow and cross with what it is that this whole process of living is. A bid made to come out of it, to beat the pessimism of our times and get yourself free of these shackles just so that our energies can be re-channelised into something more meaningful, too, is being spiritual. The five hundred rupee donation I give to the temple each Navaratri night being put on the backburner, and in place feeding five lepers to make their bellies full for a day, works as becoming spiritual for me.

Spirituality is to do with trying to revamp our activities in order to become more organized, even, for some of us. It is developing our soul synergies in such a manner that we feel better, happier, more productive and more useful for others. Also, there is a certain section of people who think that becoming spiritual will take them away from their base religion. Such is not true. It is possible to be both spiritual as well as religious at the same time. Doing your daily ‘nam yo ho renge kyo’ if you are a follower of Nichiren Daishonin. Buddhism will not impede you from changing over from simple silks to organic cottons in daily wear, which could be turning spiritual for you.

What is essential to note is that refurbishing up our thought processes into a zone wherein which we cease to think solely about I, me & myself, and in place refashion our works into what will mark us as better individuals, is spiritualism. The very enactment of trying to do so will certainly change our lives in some which way. And, the rest, as they say, will follow suit. Actions always end in some result or another.

Hence, if thinking of joining the pranic healing session, or enrolling for a tea leaves reading class just to determine what exactly this spiritual science is, DO IT TODAY! For all you know, not only will it expand your circle of influence and friends, it will also lead to a happier YOU!

A writer by profession and more by choice. I feel strongly for all tasks in which either parent can work or stay at home basis of their kids to have their share of parental care. I am also a spoken English trainer for it is English language that makes my world tick.

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