Geetika Datta Nine Things That Happen When You Start Learning To Play Guitar July 7, 2015

Have you always lusted after those amazing guitarists you see everywhere, and wanted to be just like them? Wanted people to drool over your own strumming skills? And so you went and bought yourself a rad guitar and enrolled in a class to be as cool as those awesome musicians? But it turns out you’re not as hot as you thought you’d be and this is what’s happening:

  • You are music language impaired

Your teacher randomly keeps using words like TAB, treble, fret, clef and you’re just like, “Huh?”

  • Your fingertips hurt as hell

You learn that in spite of how cool and easy playing guitar looks, it’s hard work!

  • You turn into a noise machine

You finally manage to play a tune or a set of chords and you’re super pleased with yourself. Except, you’re basically just generating noises that sound like the braying of a dying donkey.

  • You get on everyone’s nerves

All people around you get annoyed as hell because you just keep playing the same thing again and again and again (and clearly, not as well as you think).

  • You manhandle your instrument

Nope. No pun intended! You don’t know squat about tuning a guitar, but you’re two lessons down and go like “I’m a pro, Bro!”, and just end up breaking a string. Or two.

  • You are taught hand Kamasutra

Your fingers are made to bend in all sorts of ways and you learn the most bizarre ‘hand positions’ in order to play different chords.

  • Hand cramps are a bitch

You try to make headway in the hand Kamasutra department and you twist your fingers in such crazy ways that you get a cramp and your hand is stuck in one of those positions. And you begin to think, “This is it. This is how it ends.”

  • You’re now full of swag (read: shit)

You think you look really cool with the guitar and you’re way more attractive to the opposite sex now, so you’re going all out, posting pictures of yourself ‘jamming’ all over the internet. Except, truth is, you’re just the retard in the corner making weird noises.

  • You forget the English Alphabet

If you’re learning acoustic, you realize that you’ve soon forgotten your ABCDE and migrated to EADGBE, or you at least wonder if the inventor of the guitar knew the Alphabet.


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