Aekta Khubchandani Are You A Happy Human? June 28, 2015

Ever thought about your bones tearing your flesh apart to see what one is made of? Ever thought that gravity could break someday and you’ll wander like a lone ghost in search of something that does not exist?

Ever thought if you were born from a coffin in the grey graveyard rather than your mother’s womb? Ever thought what the world would be like if dragons met humans?

Ever thought of the rain pouring upwards to the clouds? Ever thought of our bones consuming our flesh within?

Can any of this happen? Do we want this? Or are we satisfied? Are we humans content with the rain pouring from the skies, with the flesh covering our bones, with being born from our mother’s wombs, with gravity holding us here on Earth, with standing on graves of dragons and with flesh peeling more flesh before it reaches our bones?

What side is better? What would we choose if we could?
Would we choose at all? Or would we like to be dictated and call it fate?

Are you a happy human?
Are you happy with yourself?

We are caged in a world we don’t love. But, it is we the humans who have built it. We did this to ourselves, to our past generations and we’ll be doing this to our upcoming enthusiastic generations.

This is us today. And we are our worst versions every single day. We are selfish, self centered and self obsessed. We all wear a mask for the good or the bad. And, we learn the most from the parts of a human that are the worst. We suck in positivity after dealing with the baggage of negativity. Good things and good vibes come way later. We need to go through hell to experience or feel a piece of paradise. We create problems and then find solutions. We are the messed up species of all. But, for a moment let’s think about ourselves- individual selves.

Am I a happy human?
Am I happy with myself?

This is how it began. It was an assignment for my students to write an essay on their favourite topic to help score high in the English class. Students wrote about their dream holiday, their first crush, their best friends, family, about food and TV shows. But, that (^) was what he wrote.

The teacher didn’t have words to express or an expression to show. Are you a happy human? Are you happy with yourself? The teacher thought to himself… was he happy reading the essay or was it tearing him apart?

What had happened to this little kid, to write what he wrote? What did he go through to feel this way? Why did he smile all day anyway? Did he have friends? Why didn’t he pay more attention to his own students? Did he have his childhood destroyed? Was he a broken kid from birth? Was the parenthood so bad? Or was it the world?

Thoughts rushed in like an energy burst. Goosebumps stayed longer this time, eyes widened in an unknown space, his ears pierced with a buzzing steel hammering noise and he got thirsty.

His head and mouth were thirsty now. And, as selfish as he was; as selfish as we are- we all humans are… he only thought about himself.

The only thing alarmed him was:

Are you a happy human?
Are you happy with yourself?

Am I a happy human?
Am I happy with myself?

And his mind wandered like a lone ghost in search of something that may or may not exist. It could be regret or the drilling sins, the shame, pain or the greed for gain. Reasons were innumerable and thoughts clouded his internal existence. His head and mouth were thirsty now.

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A doodle artist, a basketball player and a crow lover. She has her mind travelling to places unknown but, she loves to physically travel too. For her, good food and good coffee are therapy. She also believes in magic. Her life rotates around hallucinations, dreams and visions. And, she likes to see things differently.

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