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Depression is debilitating. We all know this and understand it perfectly well. We’ve read it, heard stories about it, and even seen a few people suffering from it. Some of us may have been through a bout of it ourselves, with or without knowing it.

Times, as again we know it, are a-changing. Earlier in the day, time was when people did not wish to divulge details of this ailment even if they were aware of it. Visiting a psychiatrist was something which was not taken very kindly to. It was taken as something which is done by ‘others and not by us.’

This too is a phenomenon which is now taking on a different kind of ethos and a ‘U’ turn of sorts. And, if I may take the liberty to do so, a time could come when sitting on a psychiatrist’s couch may even become a fad for some.

‘Just checking out if all is well with my mind or not will be the unanimous chorus of some of us who wish to see if their piece parts are in working order,’ and for this world is a place where anything is possible. What was once frowned upon is a regular these days is something which often happens. Take living together as a couple before wedlock, for example.

This is not to belittle depression or has anything against to do with it. It is to make it more acceptable, less formidable, more treatable, and less of a stigma. The basic question, hereon, lies in what makes a person depressed. Of course, things and circumstances can spin out beyond our control at times, and this can trigger this state. Sometimes, we cease to enjoy what we do, we start making a mockery of ourselves, and just lose the feeling of being happy about nuances which earlier did make us so.

It is time to realise that we should not chide ourselves for this phase we find ourselves in and really take stock of the situation as to WHY the hell this is happening to us. There are theories which have cropped up about this. Medical professionals say that it is hormones which are doing a dance of a different kind with us. They are no longer working in the manner they should and this needs to be settled by popping pills. Of course, this could be one of the medical reasons for depression. But what has initiated it? Why are the normal hormones misbehaving?

Many a time, talking out situations, helps, matters! But someone should be willing to listen to what a depressed person has to say. It could be childhood trauma which has caught up with him or her. It could be keeping a relationship closeted and not opening up about it which could be the prime driver for this condition. It could be harassment at the hands of a spouse, a boss, a mother-in-law, which could have reared its ugly fangs.

Anything which makes us lose control over our motions that keep us sane and healthy could drive in depression. Research has opened up several doors on depression. It has taken us several notches close to the answer to this unnerving situation which can befuddle anyone and everyone. Childhood harassment is often found to be a kick-off point for depression in later life. At times, it leads to a person feeling lost in a crowd, alone in a room full of people, and so on.

Whichever the case, it is time now to accept the fact that statistics on these case studies are truly alarming. We read about ‘n’ number of cases of depression which have even taken lives. After all, what is suicide? It is set off by a feeling of lost hope, no compassion from those who are around you, groping in the dark for a helping hand without finding one, et al.

If you find this is happening to you, call in for help. Do not take what is the ‘easy’ way out of the situation. If you do feel totally shaken up or even empty from inside, ring in for the helpline. Someone, somewhere, is sure to be able to get in whatever is required to redeem the situation.

Staying positive is the right attitude towards any event. If you find you are negative about issues in life, SEARCH out for WHY. There is an answer to every ‘why’ in the book. One just needs to muster up enough courage to look for it.

And once you know ‘why’ you are feeling the blues, you have half of the problem already sorted out! The remaining issues will take care of themselves medically, emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally if you follow the directions given by those who are helping you egg on.

The real matter at hand is recognising signs and signals of when depression is catching up with you. Obviously, some of our faculties are not able to totally take stock of our situation in life and make us feel spirited and cheerful. Either we are in a relationship which is toxic and do not realise it, or we could not be eating well enough to charge up our inners properly, or WHATEVER.

But something is amiss, certainly so. And the best part about this entire deal is that we can know what it is, and take a curative for it. It is just a matter of seeking the right help and not let the situation overwhelm you. Medical sciences have taken us to very high planes of enlightenment on this score. We no longer will be looking around for answers and not finding them.

The best help in any situation is self-help. But what if we have closed doors on ourselves, as sometimes does happen with depressed people. In such cases, it is often our kith and kin or those who truly care for our well-being who can understand that something is not quite adding up somewhere.

In a nutshell, have some of these 3 AM friends around you all the time. Those who can ring the bell when required; also, it is time to set the clock on time when it comes to weight, blood pressure, pulse rate checks et al. Medically, one should be fighting fit and if we are not, we can become so with the right kind of attitude.

Emotionally, if one is in the doldrums – there is an answer to this as well.

Take heed of these vital parameters and then there is no reason why you cannot go back to feeling all chirpy and cheery in time. But, if depressed or prone to it, keep yourself in the loop that this is one malady which can strike again.

Beware of it is the right approach to tackling this situation and be ready to take action again if it does happen to restrike. This is the message which one should carry back home.

For once, stop being self-critical about issues. Love yourself for what you are, and stop grilling yourself for what you wish to be. This is the start point of leading a non-depressed, satisfying life. And stop taking depression as a mental illness, for starters.

A writer by profession and more by choice. I feel strongly for all tasks in which either parent can work or stay at home basis of their kids to have their share of parental care. I am also a spoken English trainer for it is English language that makes my world tick.

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