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What makes a good, great? And, here’s another one, who decides good?!

For all good, the good is at least not bad. Sometimes a good makes a great, sometimes a good stays the good. The good thing about good is the good never makes the worst.

But we strive for the greatness. We strive to move ourselves from good towards great. In fact, what I feel good is not necessarily true for everyone that they all too find it good.

The questions remain and slightly shift to another, how do we move ahead from good to great, for greatness, for all goodness?

Intense concentration on your work can make you big professionally. However, the rest of your life can go for a total toss.

To have a wholesome personality, overall, means you strive to attain work-life balance. You look after your mind, spirit and soul curry as well. For this, one takes certain, concrete steps. Our self-journey, our self-sojourn, should never, ever, be neglected, although it gets neglected too many times, we don’t even realise that.

You always plod on looking for room for improvement in your daily nitty-gritty to help in self-evaluation for your personal betterment. Try, for one, to sync in with inner energies to see if you need to exercise just that little bit more or not. Exercise the mind as well as physical being. Jog it with intellectual matter to help you in your pursuits to become an overall well-developed person who has a definite viewpoint on important issues of the day – for connecting with and channelizing the music beating inside of you.

How we move on to great from good is one thought, how we start with good is another.

Removing toxic elements and relationships from your life is a good idea, a good point to start with.

Learn to read your inner clock for stress signals. When under duress, relax and rewind. Take inputs, not just for outputs from your system. Feed your thoughts with material and substance which will make you proactive and procreative. Try to touch the base with your sixth sense – it will never mislead you. It will guide you towards your goal – be it personal or professional. Get in and nurture those arenas which fulfil you and create positive vibes around you.

Thinking of good, what makes the good, anyway, what is good after all? To figure it out well, really well, the journey starts from within. Better known as self-discovery that leads to greatness. Later you may ponder who decides good!

You have to, means have to, work with the realization that there is someone, something, somewhere which is far superior to us mortals. You need to strike out to make a connection with that superpower, that ball of fire and passion which will re-energize you.

To be really sure to make it a point to do things which instantly connect with the youth in you, the real in you. You don’t need to take everything to heart. You better tackle that anxious mind, to sidestep issues which depress you, which pull you back. You will come out winding your way through them.

It is important to remember that to score points with people around us, you need to exude self-esteem; Positivity; A distinct vibe; A certain aura.  All this is easy to say, but tough to do.

To attain such an air, one which reeks of self-confidence and of a person who knows his or her true value, one has to first let go of their expectations. Give the conversation, the meeting, the presentation, you all; Show signs of excitement. And, not seem desperate at all.

Shun that nervous energy. You then develop and cultivate the distinct signature signals of charisma. Your journey takes a turn towards getting a ‘with-it’ character.

Once you realise that you need to live life on a different plane, to get that distinct ‘with-it’ character in you, you start thinking of becoming more alive. You wake up to a new morning. Say hello to yourself. The answer to the real meaning of success keeps lingering in your mind. It so happens. For real.

It is not to have the monies and the fame in this world. Those two are criteria which push you. They are not the end goals. You have money. You have power. But do you feel fulfilled inside of you? Or is there a void – a dull feeling which drains you out? You walk, you run, you crawl to experience the SHIFT inside of you to rid yourself of all that lets you stay far away from track of the journey. We call it, self-discovery.

You pay heed to that “pull” in you which tells you to change the direction. All else will dull with time. But your spirit and what you leave behind, stay. They remain etched in people’s mind and memories. You strive more to unleash your actual self now. And your lifecycle thrives on it.

You have to have “closure” with your past and make your peace with it. Recognize it for what it is. But let it go. Do not let it trap you or bind you down. Do not hide behind a mask. Show the real you. Just be the real you. When we say, sometimes a good makes a great, sometimes a good stays the good, we shouldn’t be ignoring that a good never makes the worst.

You have to remove the facades you are playing. You should rather be acknowledging those who care. Those who give. Those who are genuine. Why would you fumble behind layers for the fear of getting hurt? You know, you are transcending from good to great, for greatness.

You have limited time, limited space. That we call, a life.

For in this life, we have limited time. We have limited space. Nobody really wants to be faded out as a star in the professional sky; in the professional horizon. It will fetch rewards and moments of glory, no doubt. Take them as what they are – moments of glory, no more and for sure, no less either.

But, as an endpoint, transcend from those to look out for more in your life. To seek some more blessings from the superior power which loves us all equally, unconditionally. And remember this is not only to improve you or to discover your negativities and to work on them to bury them. In fact, it is to learn to love yourself, to appreciate your true worth and being.

After all, the journey begins from…within.

At endpoint, it is time to reminiscence about what self-discovery truly is. As per dictionary definition, self-discovery means “becoming aware of one’s actual potential, character, motives etc.”

Go, embark on this expedition, and discover the real meaning of life. And how happening and lively living and life really could be; how much value-addition, cheer, and love you can actually spread around you in those who are worth cherishing.

And who decides good, remains another thought for another day when you meet the real you.

(With inputs from Ayush Garg).

A writer by profession and more by choice. I feel strongly for all tasks in which either parent can work or stay at home basis of their kids to have their share of parental care. I am also a spoken English trainer for it is English language that makes my world tick.

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