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Your weakness could be my strength, we all have heard that a lot, but your weakness could make you stronger, not many have really heard that!

All of us have weaknesses. Some of us, however, are strong enough to be able to circumvent these and emerge true blue winners. Others, on the flip side, are not as lucky or not so much in command of their other senses that they be able to browbeat these weaknesses.

At times, weaknesses get such a toehold on us that we have to resort to therapy of some kind or go in for medication, even. Then and only then are we able to come out of them and live our lives as we did before.

Often been asked and told to think about weaknesses and later or sooner, we end up realising that our weakness is not actually making us weak but sweat more. But we are bound to hide it. We don’t speak up about our weakness. What if we have spoken about it loud and clear?

Sweating more can be described as working harder, and that’s a sign of heading to a path of greatness. But then, what has weakness to do with it?

Lolly Daskal, an author and leadership coach, might say “I’m little boring”. Sounds surprising that she is calling herself boring, little boring for that matter, but she isn’t boring actually.

An article on Inc notes, her idea of having fun is simply different from what others might look up to. She wakes up at 4:30 every morning and without checking her email or opening the Internet, she takes the next book from her bedside table, and starts reading.

“My phone isn’t ringing… most people are dreaming, and I’m reading a book,” she says.

If that makes her boring, she happily is. So is it really her weakness? I would rather say that’s a boring question.

For those of us who are motivated enough, weaknesses are mere excuses to try to better our faculties.

We take these as an opportunity for making ourselves excel in this particular field in which we are said to be weak. This is a chance, if our way of thinking, of trying to learn a new tact, to pick up a new technique and make a go of it. For this, we will tirelessly slog day and night. We will try to hone our weakness into a state of perfection.

For some, this becomes a way of life. They will not rest easy till they are able to conquer their weakness. For others, and the ones who are more sensible, they will certainly try to make this conquest but not make it the bane of their living. At the end of the day, we too are mortals. It is possible that something is a bit out of reach for us.

What then? Allow yourselves a small failure or two. So what if you cannot succeed at each and everything which comes by.

What actually works to be able to beat weaknesses is the strength of mind, soul and spirit. And this does not come easy.

A strong mind comes by if one has the confidence and the self-esteem to go with it. Also, it can happen if we work towards it. This can be achieved by activities like meditation and chanting, among others. Calmness of spirit is one function which leads to strength of spirit.

It is also true that if we try to make a conquest of a weakness and it becomes an obsession with us, is it not more of a weakness now? It surely is. Thus, the best manner to deal with such a situation is to make this a passion, not the crux of your life.

A passion is something we pursue, but we do not make it the centrifugal point of our existence. Good thinking is the same as practical thinking. And this is what we have to do during such times. Think not with your heart, but with your head on your shoulders. And then try to make a good going at what you wish to achieve.

The weakness of a person could become his or her strength in such events – when they let it become a passion of theirs and not a weakness. This is the true realisation of what good karma is. Also, in the process of trying to make such a conquest, we learn to value our own selves as well.

We may even learn odds and ends of some other kind as well. Also, we learn to be patient, and also may pick up finer nuances of time management and so many other things.

Hence, trying to make your weakness turn around into your strength could truly be a life-enriching experience of sorts in which at the end of the day, you may even end up a better and brighter individual. We may learn to appreciate this particular strength in others who already have it as well.

At endpoint time, we certainly become more profane, profound and prolific in our thinking, if nothing else!

A writer by profession and more by choice. I feel strongly for all tasks in which either parent can work or stay at home basis of their kids to have their share of parental care. I am also a spoken English trainer for it is English language that makes my world tick.

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