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If I have to choose between the standard working systems, the strict schedules, confined hours away from the desk and the independent telecommuting pattern of work, I’d go for the latter without a second thought. And, if we believe the recent surveys, I’d say you would do the same.

The prospect of ditching my 9 to 5 job to pursue a work life that runs in accord with my terms, availability and conditions thrills me. At least until I enter the downsides of that leisure. But, for now, independence, flexibility, space for family and social priorities; all that you miss in the regular work ethics finds itself within this flexible work pattern.

Needless to say, it feels like a fresh breath of air after months or years of a robotic lifestyle.

As millennials, more and more folks like me are opting for this independent working system. We have a change in perspective to work, socializing and just life in general. Increased value is being diverted to freedom and a sense of control. No one likes to be wrapped in a bubble filled with a desk, tons of papers and infinite post work coffee today.

Even if the bubble is flowing with a massive pay. Well, again, it varies from person to person. However, since maximum of today’s youth wants liberty as much as they want productivity; the work rules are involuntarily taking revolutionising turns.

If not work from home, I see professionals taking part-time or a mutually discussed work schedule. Meanwhile, bosses have started adopting the liberal yet still strict approach to work in most countries. If the work lifestyle is taking baby steps now, it’s bound to take a massive and honestly quite predicted transformation ten years down the line.

If work hours are being broken to few and the desks are being replaced with a booth at a coffee shop now; I can imagine us at the comfort of our bed cracking a million dollar deal via calls few years ahead. When now, we at least have an office to go to or a meeting to attend, the future consists of a pure telework culture.

Of course, the future of us seems fantastic. The right amount of independence, comfort, time for friends and family; all will be achievable while still satisfying our monetary urges. But, what we will lose is not something to let go of too.

The fantasy of being in control of your professional life is exhilarating. But, the fear of not being in direct contact with your peers and the professionalism outside can be demeaning to one’s mental health. It’s social isolation of sorts.

There will be a distance from the many privileges of working in an office.

There will be money, meetings, discussions, liberty, flexibility. Everything. But, there will be a distance from the many advantages of working in an office. Since all the communication might be via telephones, emails and Skype calls, there’ll be virtuality but a certain discrepancy in the work life, between the employees.

Flip the coin and on the other side of advantages, there’ll be increased productivity if that’s how the entire world is going to work years later. Regardless, this is what the future looks like. But, if it’s really all about isolation or not? That can’t be said yet.

And, if there is isolation along with independence and productivity, then the only solution that would work in everyone’s favour is to strike a balance between the standard working system and independence.

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