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Since mankind decided to evolve, it has done so only with the help of science. Nothing seems science fiction anymore and the ideas that still seem, someone somewhere must be working on their prototype. If we deny that, we will deny it with a doubt.

Two major reasons why we did evolve is firstly – because science and technology helped us fill the gaps in our lives that have been an issue for ages and secondly – it has provided us with convenience to live.

Can you imagine survival without the medicines we now produce, the diseases we can cure and the ones we prevent? The discovery is limitless that AI can now predict when you will die, even the suicidal risk. This side of technology is a pure necessity, the other side is that of leisure and convenience, we could survive without it, but then we wouldn’t want to.

Technology keeps us swinging between the need and the want, and a few wants have now become our needs.

Take for instance the service provided by cab providers like Uber and Ola, it has managed to make commuting so much easier than it was before. You have a cab and a driver at any time of the day to take you anywhere you wish to, that was the first step towards a transformation in transportation and now, we will be commuting sitting inside driverless cars, that’s another step. Tesla, Google, Uber and many more tech giants, all seem very dedicated to working on them.

Now, Uber seems firm working on the concept of flying cars, although this very new concept of our old imaginations has been dismissed by Elon Musk and he is working on another concept of tunnels, that’s the boring company. Innovations are surfacing and are day by day getting integrated into our lives.

Take for instance the Internet – access to information, online bookings, connecting easily with rest of the world, all this is at your fingertips. A century ago, when the world was media dark, these technological developments could have stopped a war.

With us leaping forward in the future our lives will depend more and more on technology and some of the conveniences of today will turn into pure necessities (and some of them are already). And when we talk about artificial intelligence, we have been experiencing it for a long time, it’s just most of us have not realised till date.

Did you ever notice how mails get filtered automatically that Gmail knows which one belongs to your promotions folder and the other belongs to spam? Have you ever realised how the automated results show up when we search something on Google? Take one more, how do we receive OTP message instantly for verification purpose? That’s all AI at work.

The times are a-changing and AI has moved far ahead than that, to impact our lives and bring the ease out of it, let us consider voice commands to Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Siri, they help us avoid all those clicks that one would ideally have to perform to complete a task. The more we get acquainted with this technology the more we will find the need to avoid physical work.

When we speak of possibilities this is what is expected – simple hand gestures and voice commands that get things done. No need to manually operate devices, but instead simple commands to a single interface (like a Google Assistant) that commands an entire network, will get the job done.

This is the reality of the present where ‘n’ number of tasks are carried out with the help of tech assistance. One gets to play the king in such an environment and this is pure leisure. It helps us save a lot of time that otherwise would have been wasted with mundane chores.

The surprising note here is many people still don’t feel that they have ever interacted with artificial intelligence. A recent study by Pegasystems after surveying more than 6,000 consumers revealed that 34% said no while 32% seemed doubtful about having an interaction with AI ever. Only the remaining 34% said yes to it.

With the evolution and existence of AI devices more and more all around, hopefully, those who still have their doubts, or directly be of the opinion of saying ‘no’ will sooner realise that AI has been serving them since years, enhancing their lives from performing operations to leveraging their productivity and it is now that it is leaving no stone unturned.

Yet another example of such a convenience, which further equips our lifestyle with efficiency and ease is an E-book reader. Let us only treat this as an example because there are many such services and products that help us minimise task and improve the lifestyle quotient in our day to day lives.

Kindle, one of the biggest brands when it comes to E-book readers, these readers, for an example, solve those weighty issues of carrying a heavy book hardcover around on a trip. All your preferred reads are present on a single interface anytime which also happens to deliver a great reading experience, some might even argue that better than reading an actual book.

Slowly and steadily the need to hold a book will only arrive for a person who is technologically challenged.

It is almost inevitable that we choose labour over convenience and as long as we are working with technology our lifestyle will only get better with time.

(With inputs from Ayush Garg).

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