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Patience pays. This is the one statement most of us have grown up with. But do millennials believe this? Hardly seems so.

Most of them are so deeply occupied in the rat race to end up toppers or say achievers in whichever segment they are in, that they forget to be patient.

Everything is today. Everything is now; Right at this very moment. What is going to happen tomorrow, no one knows – that is the basic principle they operate by. After all, it is always – if tomorrow comes!

For all you know, each tomorrow metamorphoses into today and tomorrow remains just that – tomorrow!

Millennials do persevere for what they wish.

However, when it comes to perseverance, we are giving the millennials a raw deal if we say they do not persevere. Some of them at least do; if not the whole pack of them. They do really go after whatever it is they wish for and seek it with a great deal of hard work at most times. Which is why we have so many success stories in our midst today. For example, in India itself, we have 72 percent of the dot-com businesses in 2015 founded by those less than 35 years of age.

Productive People

Millennials keep learning, never stop doing so.

Even though millennials are still very young, there are a couple of factors which unite them. First and foremost, is that they do not stop learning. They keep educating themselves, keep updating their skill base. They have an innate thirst for knowledge; for that x-factor which will better them and give them an edge over their peers. This is what really, really drives them. And most of them are too good at public relations. They know how to get along with others. Most millennials are good talkers, good at communication, rather.

Millennials are totally opinionated.

This is another quality which binds millennials. That they have opinions about things; they do not live in an envelope of haziness around them. Rather they tackle the issues with what they think is right, they do not put things on the side burner, ever. All these lil traits of the millennials put them straight up in the list of people who are in a hurry.

They wish to prove themselves to their parents, to friends, well-wishers, bosses, employees, customers, end users, everyone, and to themselves. Hence, there is an impatient virus in them…which really eggs them on.

Invisible Workload on Women

Millennials are out to have a good time working.

What actually is happening is that since work is being redefined so seriously, that there is a bit of a maze surrounding it now. Firstly, there are no fixed hours for work. Millennials seem to work round the clock, 24×7. For some, what they do is not work at all – it is a pure extension of what they wish to do. This is the one extreme vibe which sets them apart from the older lot. Also, a lot of ‘work’ is work from home. Which again, does not sound like work to some.

They enjoy their work to the extent that those observing them will never even say they are working. They are just having a good time while putting in some effort in some enterprise or another. So, are their efforts perseverance with patience? Well, actually they are.

But the good part is that it does not look like this…it just looks like millennials are out on a jolly good ride and make money too while doing it. Thus, give them the credit for what they do, because it is sheer good work while having their own say as well!

Millennials are also out to change the meaning of being rich and it’s actually happening. Here’s the thought!

A writer by profession and more by choice. I feel strongly for all tasks in which either parent can work or stay at home basis of their kids to have their share of parental care. I am also a spoken English trainer for it is English language that makes my world tick.

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