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Many have preached on the role of the ‘right timing’ in a person’s life. They have also taught the value of utilising the time that comes before that ‘perfect timing’. So, it’s definitely not surprising when I say this. That if you’re struggling to reach somewhere and don’t see any road ahead, perhaps your timing hasn’t reached you yet. But, it will definitely be a flawed statement if I said that it’s the only factor behind your success.

You can’t simply sit back and watch the clock tick by, waiting for your right moment to hit the clock. If you have a goal and you wish to reach it but are unable to, then maybe you’d want to add a little more to your efforts. And, in the process, wait patiently for the time when your hard work pays off and everything falls into place. However, if you simply set goals and leave it all up to the timing, then you might have to consider reevaluating some things.

There may have been times when you decided or simply knew when you wanted something to happen. Now, this could be socially, professionally, financially, romantically or in any other way. And, whatever it is that you wanted to happen got delayed or the outcome that you exactly expected didn’t turn out that certain way. Or maybe, the anticipated result came a little or way too late than you expected it to. Now, as much as we like to allot certain events in our life to time slots, it doesn’t quite have to follow that pattern.

Don't Give Up

Let’s assume you’ve excelled in all the challenges and hurdles that you’ve had to cross on your way to the much-awaited academic success. Eventually, it’s time to circulate your resume and bag that dream job. However, it’s been a series of months or probably years. And, even though, you’re inhibited with the required skills and potential, you end up being unemployed.

Frustration in such cases is inevitable. But, giving up altogether is not. Perhaps, a better, bigger job awaits you ahead. And, you still have to keep trying and working towards it regardless. Now, if we don’t get something at the time we’ve positioned it in our head, disappointment comes by. But, that’s exactly what the point is here.

We, as humans, love to be in control of things. We want to control what happens, when and how. And, if something doesn’t turn out at accord with our expectations, we invite a slew of negativity in. Of course, you have control over what you think, dream and hope for. Your goals, your expectations. Also, you have total liberty to work towards something and hope for it to happen at a certain time. But, it isn’t certain that it really will.

Don't Give Up if there's a Delay in your Success

If you’re truly passionate about your goals, whatsoever it may be then it is bound to happen. Just not when you want it to exactly. Just because something worked out just on time for a friend, doesn’t mean it will for you too. Every individual is different, has different capabilities and goals and also gets different things at different timings.

So let’s just live in the moment while it lasts and keeps working towards where we want to reach. Let the timing do its job while we do ours!

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