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The whole world is connected in some or the other way and that is why this universe is one. This is a reflection and metaphorical thought that crosses my mind when I observe how businesses are run and companies develop their brands. Businesses are built through building relationships, collaborations and networking.

If you have a look at TED videos you would surely relate to the point that how networking benefits a business. This platform helps you reach people from varied backgrounds. It might also happen that someone finds your idea impressive and might invest in it. May it be conferences, training sessions, motivational workshops, corporate events or online networking platforms, businesses and brands are built through many of the things, one of which is networking.

These are platforms where you can showcase your brand provided you know what is your target audience. Once you determine your target audience it gives a direction to your networking. Companies are reaching out to their customers through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. They are creating their brand presence through various networking sites. Customers can reach companies through networking sites to share their feedback and concerns. The posts and campaigns on these sites can help build the kind of brand image you want to create in the minds of your target audience. This is how customer relationship starts developing.

The brand presence and customer loyalty are often built through word of mouth. Today, if I prefer a product and I am totally convinced about it, I would recommend it to someone. This creates a base of loyal customers called as brand evangelists; further expanding their reach through word of mouth. Creating and developing a loyal customer base and brand trustworthiness is about developing relationships nurtured over a long period of time. Business thrives and grows when relationships are given utmost importance.

Remember, through networking you not only connect with one person but, you also get to connect with the network that the other person has. When you network with someone, they might be having a demand that matches your business, if you make an impression, that person might help you with a referral. If you know someone whose demand matches the business of the other person you can extend a referral. This way relationships strengthen with give and take, and at the end, bonds grow.

Collaborations happen through networking may it be within the organisation or outside it and different teams come together to build a brand. World around, companies have realised that work culture and healthy work environment will motivate employees to work cohesively, make a collaborative effort to reach personal and organisational goals.

“The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.”
— Theodore Roosevelt

Building relationships is going to be vital for any person in this highly-networked world. Most businesses come from networking and collaboration. Most of the businesses run heavily on relationships and collaborations. Over candid conversations, ideas pop up and then, plans take off.

It isn’t necessary that business ideas generate in an office environment only. People from varied backgrounds come together to collaborate and execute their plans. Mutual understanding and trust are more than a need, which is possible if you have a penchant for developing relationships.

Virtual collaborations are getting popular and this trend has started catching up. People from varied backgrounds communicate through technology, they might not meet in reality but, they do meet virtually. The entire team might not be at one place but, it communicates virtually. If you are the kind who loves to engage in conversations, know people and develop relationships, organisations would love hiring you as well.

The future of work is not only about generating revenues which doesn’t define the existence of a company. The future of work is creating teams which collaborate and network, from recognising mutuality to building relationships.

And here to add, on a different note, the most productive way to build relationships is NOT networking.

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