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Arnab Goswami. This man is one class example of the personal branding of the recent times. Personal branding, how boring it sounds to you, guess what, it is that actually matters for one and everyone.

Republic isn’t launched yet, but it is everywhere. There is no clear image of how Republic is going to be disruptive, but it is doing the rounds everywhere. Audiences are craving to see what Arnab is about to bring, and how he is going to thrive the independent media as he has mentioned in his statements. Arnab is a fresh being. Arnab is very clear with the marketing perspectives vis-à-vis digital world.

Arnab is leaving no space to make his startup count in this era of startups. On the other side, Media is leaving no space to make Arnab count. You read it right! Even if a few sections of media hate him, it is “him” who brings the hits and reads to their one of the many articles. Whistles and trolls have now become the part of the game, keeping it aside, Arnab knows what branding and personal branding is.

Arnab Goswami

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You must have noticed that every other day there is some XYZ media portal seems very interested in talking about Arnab and his new venture, Republic. From every investor in Republic to his seminars, every bit of his moves is there over the portals. I wouldn’t be wrong to say Media portals are going mad about him, him, and him. There are “strong” opinions coming out every now and then about his venture on being so independent or not. Well then, everything’s okay when you are mad.

On some other day (very recently), someone very popular has left once a popular channel, now been a victim of trolls and criticism, but there is no such noise about her, no strong opinions, nothing. Here comes the chapter of Personal Branding.

One statement by Arnab and that becomes the headline on every other digital media portal. Sometimes I sit back and wonder how this all is happening, what keeps Arnab stand out from every other leading journalist. Arnab has become that movie teaser which fascinates us every single time, and we feel no pain buffering it on the repeat mode. There is clearly something that actually makes people talk about him.

Sometimes they ask how to build a brand from nothing, and to have everything right with the brand’s image and perspective, Arnab is a decent example to be drawn here. You build a brand when everything’s clear with the brand’s image, and the right connect with the targeted segments adds to the branding. Connect is the strong word here, not many perceive it rightly, Arnab did it!

Think about the brands that you are addicted to, and think about the personalities you admire – they both are circling around in and out of your brain. You have their images in your mind, and this is all that needed. Arnab says mostly every time, I’m seeking the support from the people of the country, and there he’s successfully developing the emotional connect with the countrymen while influencing the audience at the same time, the due credit is to his momentum of personal branding. Branding is the real key that impacts everything you do for your business.

Let me give you a glimpse, his venture which is yet to be launched, Republic, already grabbed a following of over 85K on Twitter. That’s all organic! And well, I need not tell you how tough it is to grab the followers, he has got it all even before the launch. The sponsored posts on Facebook to get mates into his team or announcing the LinkedIn as a channel for the applications speak a lot that how deeply he understands the digital media, that’s second thought, how deeply he knows how to take every tiny step that makes a count itself, that’s the first thought, and there from the perks of personal branding start leveraging the brand and the man himself.


Image Credit: Republic.

When Arnab asks, it matters, but when some other, it doesn’t or maybe not that much, they just appear and go, well, don’t matter at all. Maybe to a few but not many as does Arnab. Why? Arnab carried that stance from the very first day, his every move now appears strategised to make him listen more, people tuned Newshour show to listen what Arnab has to say. Issues are crucial, they come and go, but they leave a worry, Arnab knocked that worry, and we have seen many panelists are walking out of the show. He was bashed, he was criticised, he was praised, and he was applauded. At the end, we heard Arnab changed the way we used to have news and this is what counts.

The countrymen (especially youth) have started taking interest in debates, and sometimes it became too loud, Arnab reckoned, and we were again sitting in front of our TVs listening to him. Above everything else, Arnab mattered. Arnab made himself matter, please read it again.

The stance of Arnab appeared immensely engaging. He was opinionated. He made us ponder. He was bold. We now miss that boldness. Personal branding isn’t something that you kept on missing and suddenly you start thriving on it, this is not how it has to be done, the reason why not many leave a mark to be spoken about.

Arnab was becoming the feature of the 9 PM show on television, not just on his own channel. Arnab gave a rise to tough competition that we observed, Barkha shifting her show from 9 PM slot to 8 PM or Rajdeep arriving at 8:40 PM, everything was quite noticeable. Putting some more light to it, since Arnab left Times Now, Rajdeep now starts his show at 9 PM on India Today, quite says about the competitiveness. This has nothing to do with whom I admire or what I like to watch, it has to do with the factor of Personal Branding. Arnab has pushed the media to bring the focus back on crucial issues and point the finger straight. Arnab has marked his impression.

What Arnab voices and what not, we are having our “critic” angle on him every single time, if not, then why, if yes then how. There is Arnab. You are talking about him and his views, converting him into the word-of-mouth. This is all that Personal Branding is for.

Within no time, Arnab has himself become a brand. He made his experience count. He made his voice count. He is now making his startup count, I repeat. It’s them who value you, and it’s you who make them value you, never forget.

Arnab is now unstoppable. Arnab has that aura of confidence. Credit goes to everything that he has executed including the bits of personal branding. Period.


(Cover Image: Republic Facebook Page).


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