Sharon Ferrao Why Do You Need A Smartphone Vacation? October 15, 2016

Smartphones have made our lives amazing. You can stay in touch with everyone you have ever met, Snapchat all your life, book your Uber ride, and Google random things like When will the world end? and still not get over it.

The world is maneuvering into technophilia and we are turning towards our phones for everything, even to get groceries from a store. But can this pinnacle of dependency mature into Smartphone addiction?

Did you know, according to a report from Statista, out of around 7.4 billion people, the number of smartphone users is predicted to reach 2.08 billion whereas; around 4.5 billion have access to a toilet that means 1 in 3 lack access to it. Moreover, a recent study claims that on an average a person spends 1.5 hours/day on their phone. That’s quite a lot of your awake time spend tapping away on your phone.

According to the Informate Mobile Intelligence report, people in the U.S. check their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts a staggering 17 times a day, meaning at least once every waking hour, if not more. Of course, your phone is integral to accomplishing many tasks. You check Emails and multitask while you Facebook. Nevertheless, you need to detangle from the clutter.

Well, these are all statistics that give a call to the mind, how a Smartphone vacation may impact your lifestyle is what we are going discuss here as taking a break from your Smartphone can be beneficial for you. So are there any scientific reasons why you should take a Smartphone vacation? Definitely yes!

You do what really matters!

Increased communication due to technology makes you available to everyone at all times. Think about it, you are out for dinner a notification pops up and you cannot resist. You are bound to tap it. This makes it harder for you to unplug.

We are so connected to our phones that we forget what really matters. It is the people around us. So switch it off and have some real conversations.


You get a break, literally!

Give me a break! Something we all say at some point. However, your Smartphone keeps you accessible and responsive at all hours of the day. Even during off working hours!

Researchers have found that this could actually take a toll. Psychological detachment from work is important to rejuvenating yourself and being excited for the next day. Moreover, a research shows that those who actually took breaks when they went home were less stressed than those who didn’t. Nobody wants to get a midnight call from their boss so why to live the havoc.

You get a sound sleep!

Admit it. You sleep with your Smartphone. Whether it’s in your hand, on your bed, or the side table, it doesn’t matter.

Smartphone’s use can have a negative impact on your sleep. The blue light emitted from your phone messes with your circadian rhythm, which can lead to diabetes, cancer or obesity even. Moreover, its ping can wake you after you have dozed off; 4 in 10 adults and teenagers say they have checked their phone in the middle of the night. So if your anxiousness to respond to a text keeps you awake, it’s better cut off the distraction.


No more brain-wave games!

Your Smartphone causes a change in brain patterns. The Alpha waves, which are commonly associated with relaxation and Gamma waves, associated with conscious attentiveness are significantly affected during phone transmissions. This means phone transmission can literally change the way your brain functions. This can result in cancer, tumors’ or even seizers.

Taking a break may actually make you feel a great difference.

You are not forgetful!

Your Smartphone is an information overload. Researchers have found that the average social media user will scroll 285 content each day and this roughly equates to 54000 words. Every status update or text you read is competing for resources in your brain all this information could potentially make it harder for you to remember where you last put your wallet.

The best is to get rid of the clutter for a while and give your brain the rest it needs.

You have more time!

While on your Smartphone, have you ever felt an hour has passed while it had only been 15 minutes and vice-versa? Technology is speeding up our perception of time. One study shows that those who are more often on their smartphone would over-estimate the amount of time passed compared to those who use their Smartphones less often.

This perception difference can cause those who are always on their smartphones to be stressed as if, time is always running out.


You are more empathetic!

According to a research, communication mediated through Smartphone screens makes us less empathetic. Texting can be convenient, but we lose the inflections, tone, and facial expressions that are so key in our bonding with and understanding others.

When participants were given some time with their phones, they were less likely to help and turned down volunteering opportunities.

You are more productive!

Curbing your internet addiction can make you more productive.

It’s ironic that smartphones were invented to improve work efficiency but it actually is the greatest inhibitor of our productivity.

Smartphones have ingrained our brains to live in a state of divided attention. We are never able to focus on something because we might just miss something on our phones. And there’s a theory for why most productive people have the most productive shift at 4 A.M.


You avoid Nomophobia or Myopia!

It’s no new that being on your phone for a long time causes myopia or short-sightedness. However, the charts are spurting up with this disease. In major Asian cities, a study suggests that up to 90% of school leavers suffer from myopia.

With the advancement in technology comes greater advancement in disease. Nomophobia is the fear of being without your phone. A huge percentage of teenagers is suffering from this hazard. Yes, your phone is awesome and you love it but how much is too much?

Believe me, it is mandatory to take a Smartphone vacation, especially since you now know this vacation heads you away from downfall. So switch off your phone once a time, avoid taking it along during vacations, and don’t touch it an hour before you sleep. You will only grace your body an escape route from this havoc.

Your Smartphone is driven by you, be its master, not its slave!


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