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Some things have a simple forever existence. For example – an age old Rolls Royce, a revamped Norton bike, and maybe a Harry Winston watch. There are some things that don’t sell for their price but for their memories.

Watches have been telling us stories for a very long time. The first watch ever created for the convenience of mankind was back in the 15th century where pioneer Peter Henlein invented a portable timepiece and left the world splurging on it.

Since then the sector has evolved a lot, reaching the digital world, it has changed completely and now we are at the point where watches are no more a combination of mechanical springs and 12 digits on the dial’s circumference but are digital masterpieces.

They don’t just tell us the time but also calculate our daily calorie intake, read out messages to us and best of all has a sleeping (re-charging) time of its own.

So, the smart watches have turned into our friends, our doctors and also our mothers at times when they notify us of the things we are bound to forget. But at the end of the day these aren’t really watches, are they?

The Year 2014 and 2015 reported the maximum number of Smart Watch sales.

Innumerable competitors like Apple, Samsung, Motorola, etc clashed and thrashed to take the “number one” position. While the likes of Tissot, Ulysse Nardin, Rolex must have faced a serious downtime due to reducing sales in luxury watches. Very recently, Titan, an Indian watchmaking company entered the digital world and released its very own Titan Juxt to compete with the Tech Giants.

A fact is as simple as such – that the world’s 5th largest watchmaking organization entered the Smart Watch domain, suggests that the luxury watch world is at crises. Is it nearing its end?

While many have an opinion that the time has come for the Watch Domain to evolve, one might hold and think that the smart watch bubble is about to burst. We remember the way phablets turned into immediate success and very soon fell face first into depression, soon being ostracized from the consumer market.

Same logic applies to the Smart Watch sector. It has appealed many, but as suggested before in this article, some things have a simple forever existence.

Analog luxury watches are something that can be savored for a lifetime. They are precious for unlimited years to come. They possess a warranty that no smart watch does, neither do they need an operating system update to stay ahead in the race. They are unique, although they don’t read how many time your heart beats in a minute, but they surely possess the opulence to skip a heartbeat.

Recently, Apple saw a dip in sales for its recently launched iPhone 6+ smartphone. The reason being, they were too huge to be handled like a smartphone.

Similarly, Smart Watches are so far away from the actual experience of a real luxury watch that the former makes the later irreplaceable. It will be only with time when the realization seeps in and the trend fizzes off while the people come back to hoarding a closet full of luxury watches.

For now, it is all about survival for the luxury brands while the battle is lost for them, the war still isn’t over.

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